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Ex. Inq. (Dn)
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Exchequer Inquisition covering the reigns of several monarchs, contained in 17 vols at PROI. Containing following inquisitions of the court of exchequer in Ireland; at Newry, March 14, 34th year of the reign of Elizabeth I, AD 1591 (recte 1592); at Downpatrick on March 25, 8th year of the reign of Cas. L, 1633 transcribed by Deirdre Flanagan; reign of Car. L has been transcribed by R.J. Hannan; at Greencastle, August 10, 3rd year of the reign of Edward VI, AD 1549; reigns of Jac. L, Car. L, Cromwell, Car ll, William, Mary. 27 pages concerning Antrim; at Downpatrick, August 10, 2nd year of the reign of James l, AD 1604. There are also transcriptions of some of the Ulster inquisitions at PRONI. All the original exchequer inquisitions have been lost.
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