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Historic Forms

Old FormRef. DateReference
Downamanagh1655cCiv. Surv. 400
Downamanogh1655cCiv. Surv. 402
Downeamannogh1655cCiv. Surv. 395
Downemanogh1655cCiv. Surv. £99
Dún na Manach le taoibh anteampuill ubi castellum1680cTop. Frag. II [50]
Dunemanah (par.) (Hamilton)1745Abercorn Geb. 14 $68
Dunymanagh1777Taylor & Skinner 275b
Dunymanagh Rd.1777Taylor & Skinner 258a
Dunnamanagh (in barony of Strabane)1802Stat. Sur. Tyr. (McEvoy) 120
Dunnamanagh, village, barony of Strabane1802Stat. Sur. Tyr. (McEvoy) 160
Dunnymanagh1802Stat. Sur. Tyr. (McEvoy) 19
Donnemanagh1830cOgilby, A. C23
Dun a manach ""the monks hill""1830cOgilby, A. C23
(?)+Druim mór ""Great ridge""1833cJ O'D (OSNB) C23
Dún na manach ""fort of the monks""1833cJ O'D (OSNB) C23
Dunemana,Sir J Hamilton1836OSM v 92
Dunemana,vil1836OSM v 91
dun na manach - Fortress of the monks1920cTNCT 65
~Dún na Manach ""fort of the monks""1999Dict. Ulst. PN 65
Dún na Manach ""fort of the monks""2002PNP talk PMcK/Omagh DC