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Historic Forms

Old FormRef. DateReference
new lots in ""Ballymagorry Street"" remain unset 1758Abercorn Geb. 290
(?)Ballemcchory, in the proportion of Cloghognull1397Colton Vis. 128G
(?)Cloghognull1397Colton Vis. 128G
>shireground)1591Top. Frag. comments 135
Ballemcchory, bar. Strabane (first reduction to >1591Top. Frag. comments 135
(?)Ballinecorry1608Sur. Ulst. 157
Ballemagorie1616CPR Jas I 307a
Ballemagory1616CPR Jas I 307a
Ballymagorrie1617CPR Jas I 326a
(?)Mullaghnegerry (Civil Survey)1655cTop. Frag. comments 136
BellymcGory1655cCiv. Surv. p.393
Ballemagorry1666HMR Tyr. (2) 259
Baile Mic Goradh. Baile margaidh agus aonaigh1680cTop. Frag. II [85]
Ballymagorry1686Bishop. Der. ii 108 $279
pigeon house at Ballymagory1755Abercorn Geb. 49 $106
Near Belamagoray and Woodend1769Abercorn Geb. 90
Ballymagarry R.1777Taylor & Skinner 275b
Ballymegarry1777Taylor & Skinner 37a
Ballimagorry, village, barony of Strabane1802Stat. Sur. Tyr. (McEvoy) 160
Ballymagorry,tn,vil1821OSM v 125
Ballymagarry1830cTythes Applot. (OSNB) no.22
Ballymagory (""In some writings"")1830cOSNB: gen. sources no.22
Baile mheg Ghofhraidh ""Mac Gorys town""1833cJ O'D (OSNB) no.22
baile M`Gorry - M`Gorry''s town1920cTNCT 66
Baile Mhic Gofraidh1947Top. Frag. comments 135
~Baile Mhic Gofraidh ""MacGorry''s townland""1999Dict. Ulst. PN 15
Baile Mhic Gofraidh ""MacGorry''s townland""2002PNP talk PMcK/Omagh DC