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Historic Forms

Old FormRef. DateReference
Ballimully1628Lodge RR 1A 53,54,79
Ballymilly next to Lissnecrosse1630Lodge RR 1A 53,54,247
Ballynually or Ballynully or1630Lodge RR 1A 53,54,249
contd Ballymully al''Lisnecrosse1630Lodge RR 1A 53,54,249
Ballymilly next to Lissnecross1638Lodge RR 1A 55,122
Ballymullly alias Lissnecrosse1638Lodge RR 1A 53,55,101
Ballymully1654-DS (McCann) !
Ballymully Glebe1834OSM xx 34
Ballymully1835cOSNB: gen. sources D24no43
[Bal-ly-''mul-ly]1835cOSNB: gen. sources D24no43
~Baile Mullaigh ""town of the summit""1835cJ O'D (OSNB) D24no43
~baile mullaigh ""Town built on summit of a hill""1936TNCT 26
Baile Mullaigh ""farmstead of the summit""1982Mc Cann H.P. 1982 31