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Historic Forms

Old FormRef. DateReference
(?)Altyshane1621CPR Jas I 503a
Altonisecachan1655cCiv. Surv. iii 400
Altonisechahan1655cCiv. Surv. iii 401
Altonisechan1655cCiv. Surv. iii 400
Allta Insi Ui Cathain1680cTop. Frag. II [53]
Ailt a sion "the stormy hill"1830cOgilby, A. C23
Altishahane1830cOSNB: gen. sources C23
Alt a tsíodháin "height or glen of the fairy hill"1833cJ O'D (OSNB) C23
alt a t-siodhain - Glen of the fairy fort1920cTNCT 64
~Allt Inse Uí Chatháin "glen of O'Kane's island"1999Dict. Ulst. PN 4
Allt Inse Uí Chatháin "glen of the isle of O'Kane"2002PNP talk PMcK/Omagh DC