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Lectures and Seminars


Ards Historical Society

'Place-names of North Down'(MÓM; 11 December)

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Family and Local History Fair

'Shared Spaces and Names of Places: Irish, Scottish and English elements in N. Ireland Place-Names' (MÓM; 3 August)

Regent House School, Newtownards

'Gaelic Place-Names' (talk to 6th formers by Gordon McCoy of Iontaobhas Ultach, with contributions from PT; 23 April)

Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland, Glasgow

'Bootown and Bryantang: Cumbrian (English) names in East Ulster' (PT; 6 April)

Belfast City Council: Programme of talks and exhibitions for St. Patrick's festival

'Some Ulster Place-Names from the time of St. Patrick' (PT; 16 March)

Northern Ireland Assembly: Launch of

'Shared Spaces and Names of Places' (MÓM; 21 January)


Ulster Place-Name Society: Deirdre Flanagan Memorial Lecture

'Goats which are rocks and hills which are spears: the importance of observation in the field for the study of Irish topographical names' (PT; 31 May)

North Down Resource Centre: Launch of 'Our Community Our World' Project

'Place-Names in North Down'(MÓM; 6 September)


Bangor Historical Society

'Place-Names of Bangor and North Co. Down' (KM; 21 January)

Lough Neagh Heritage Conference, Oxford Island, Craigavon

'Lough Neagh: Place-Names and Legends' (PMcK; 23 January)

Derry City Council

'The Place-Names of Co. Derry' (PMcK; 4 February)

An Droichead Centre, Ormeau Road, Belfast

'Logainmneacha na hÉireann - An Introduction to Irish Place-Names' (system of administrative units; place-names in and around Belfast; resources for researching place-names; Irish mountain names)

Tarbert Historical and Heritage Society, Co. Kerry

'The element tairbeart in Irish place-names' (PT; 6 March)

Ulster Historical Foundation, Course on Townlands, Stranmillis University College, Belfast

'Historical sources for studying Townlands' (KM; 8 March)

Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland, Carmarthen

'Patterns in street-naming in Belfast' (PT; 13 March)

'The Elizabethan Fiants for Ireland and Irish surnames today' (KM; 14 March)

Bangor Carnegie Library Community Relations Week

'Place-Names of Bangor and the Ards' (PMcK; 27 April)

Holywood Family History Society

'Ulster Place-Names' (KM; 6 May)

University of Nottingham, Cross-disciplinary Studies of Migration of Irish, Hiberno-Norse and other Gaelic-speaking populations in the Viking Age

'Place names' seminar, Genes of the Gallgoídil' (KM; 21 June)

Institute for Name Studies, University of Nottingham, English Place-Name Society conference on English place-name study and regional variety

'English names and language relationships in Ireland' (KM; 26 June)

Ederny, Co. Fermanagh

Place-names talk at launch of Ederny Townland quilt (KM; 31 July)

University of Edinburgh: Trends in Toponymy 4

'Cultural change and names of saints and churches around Lough Neagh' (KM; 1 July)

'Road and Street-Names in Northern Ireland: Approaches to Gaelicisation' (PT; 1 July)

NUI Galway: 'People, places and memory' post-graduate conference

'Bridewell, Smithfield and Bully's Acre - names in the Irish built environment copied due to a common function', paper to post-graduate conference (PT; 27 August)

Federation for Ulster Local Studies

Annual Conference, Ó Fiaich library, Armagh

'Ulster place-names: the current state of research' (KM; 23 October)

Irish Texts Society: Annual Seminar, University College Cork

'Hogan's Onomasticon and the NI Place-name Project: some personal examples' (KM; 6 November)


Randalstown Historical Society

'Lough Neagh Places: a Journey Round the Lough' (PMcK; 3 February)

Lisburn Historical Society

'Place-names of the Lisburn area' (KM; 4 February)

Newry & Mourne Museum

'Seanlogainmneacha agus Ainmneacha Treibhe'(MÓM; 12 March)

Down County Museum, Downpatrick

'Names in sliabh in the Mourne Mountains and beyond' (PT; 13 March)

Craigavon Museum, Oxford Island

'Place-names of Lough Neagh' (KM; 7 March)

Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland: Annual Conference, Falmouth

'Some burial monuments in Ulster - their names and histories' (KM; 28 March)

Ionad Uíbh Eachach Adult Education Group, Iveagh Drive, Belfast

'The Place-Names of Belfast' (PMcK; 23 April)

Ards Borough Council: Community Relations Week

'Ballywierd and Pladdy Lug: Place-Names of the Ards Peninsula' (PMcK; 28 April)

West Tyrone Historical Society, Ulster American Folk-Park

'Place-names and traditions of Bessy Bell' (KM; 29 April)

Scottish Place-Name Society: Spring Conference, New Galloway

'The Meaning, Distribution and Chronology of Sliabh in Irish Place-Names, and Some Implications for Scotland and Man' (PT; 9 May)

North Down Professional and Business Association: Conlig

'The importance and meaning of local place-names' (PMcK; 3 June)

Moore Institute, NUI Galway: Conference on royal sites, Galway/Rathcroghan

'Place-names and the understanding of monuments' (KM; 14 June)

NI Assembly Culture, Arts and Leisure Committee: Seminar to promote and raise awareness of townland names, Stormont

'Research on Townlands: a window on cultural history' (KM; 17 June)

'What names mean to local people: townlands and roots' (PMcK; 17 June)

O'Neill Summer School, Toome

'The O'Neill crannog at Derryhollagh outside Randalstown' (PMcK; 19 June)

'Place-Names of the western shore of Lough Neagh', commentary on boat trip (PMcK; 20 June)

University of Ulster, Coleraine: 3rd Ulster Cycle Conference

'Medb of Connaught in Place-Names' (KM; 23 June)

Forum for the Study of the Languages of Scotland & Ulster: 8th International Conference, Orkney

'Irish family names from Scandinavian personal names' (KM; 24 July)

Killeeshil and Clonaneese Historical Society, Parkanaur, Co. Tyrone

'Place-names of Killeeshil and Clonaneese' (KM; 14 September)

O'Neill Country Historical Society, Moy

'Lough Neagh Places: a Journey round the Lough' (PMcK; 13 October)

NUI Galway: 20th Conference on Gaelic Literature and Culture

'Leabhar Cloinne Aodha Buidhe mar fhoinse logainmneacha' (The Book of Clandeboye as a source of place-names) (PMcK; 17 October)

Centre for Migration Studies, UAFP, Co. Tyrone: Conference 'Literature of Irish Exile'

'Plantation maps of Fermanagh and Tyrone' (KM; 17 October)

NI Libraries: Local History Fair, Omagh

'Townlands of Omagh and district' (KM; 24 October)

Institute of Irish Leadership, Pomeroy

'Townlands and place-names of Pomeroy' (KM; 29 October)

Institute of Irish Leadership, Pomeroy

'Place-Names in the Mountain Landscape of Co. Tyrone' (PT; 5 November)

Irish and Local Studies Library, Armagh

'Armagh places and peoples' (KM; 11 November)

Irish and Celtic Studies, Queen's University Belfast: 2nd International Conference on the Early Medieval Toponymy of Ireland and Scotland

'Carbad in Irish place-names: chariot or boulder?' (PT; 13 November)

'Place-names of Cos Down and Armagh, especially names from the Ulster Cycle', commentary for conference tour (KM; 14 November)

Downpatrick Library

'Introduction to the townland names of Lecale' (PMcK; 19 November)

Cookstown District Council

'Place-names of Derryloran' (KM; 24 November)


South Lough Neagh Historical Society, Lurgan

'Place-names of Maghery and the south Lough Neagh shore' (KM; 4 February)

Manchester Metropolitan University

'Irish Mountain Names and their Significance in Celtic Culture', public lecture (PT; February)

Holywood Irish Society

'Place-names of Holywood and north Co. Down' (KM; 11 March)

Donaghadee Library

'Place-Names of the Ards Peninsula' (PMcK; 21 February)

Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland: 17th Annual Conference, Edinburgh

'Scots Minor Place-Names in Ulster' ( PMcK; 5 April)

Ó ClÉirigh Institute, University College Dublin

'Ulster and the Boyne: places on some early journeys' (KM; 18 April)

23rd International Congress of Onomastic Sciences, York University, Toronto

'Towards a Chronology of Topographical Elements in Irish Place-Names' (PT; 5 August)

Washing Bay Historical Society, Lough Neagh

'Place-names of Clonoe and the south-west Lough Neagh shore' (KM; 21 August)

Peadar Joe Haughey Summer School, An Creagán, Co. Tyrone

'Mountain Names of Co. Tyrone', with place-names mountain-walk to Mullaghcarn (PT; 3 September)

Irish and Celtic Studies, Queen's University Belfast: 1st International Conference on the Early Medieval Toponymy of Ireland and Scotland

'Ros, tor and tul: topographical survivors from pre-Celtic strata?' (PT; 5 September

'On aspects of the name Macha' (MÓM; 5 September)

'Early terms for burial monuments: fert and lecht' (KM; 6 September)

Straid Local History Society

'Irish Hill and Mountain Names' (PT; 15 October)

Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland: Autumn Conference, Chichester

'Sliabh in Irish Place-Names' (PT; 25 October)

Armagh Royal School

''Irish and Scottish Surnames', Gael Linn talk to secondary school class (PT; October)

Gael Linn, Downpatrick

'Place-Names of Lecale', talk for primary school children (PT; October)

Scottish Place-Name Society: Autumn Conference, Dundee

'Street Names of Northern Ireland' (CD; 8 November)

Glenelly Historical Society, Plumbridge

'Place-names of Badoney and Glenelly' (KM; 17 November)

Camlough Heritage Society / ROSA

'Townlands and Camloch' with launch of a booklet on local townlands (KM; 21 November)


Clogher Historical Society, Monaghan

'Escheated County maps of Fermanagh, 1609' (KM)

Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland: 16th Annual Conference, St Patrick's College, Drumcondra

'Navigating the Dabhall: the river and its influence on the toponymy of North Armagh' (MÓM; 1 April)

'From Tamlachtae Dublocho to Gort Tamhlacht na Muc', (KM; 1 April)

'Five Common Generic Elements in Irish Hill and Mountain Names: Binn, Cnoc, Cruach, Mullach, Sliabh' (PT; 1 April)

'Some Scots Influences on Ulster Place-Names' (PMcK; 1 April)

Linenhall Library

'The Place-Names of Belfast' (PMcK; 2 May)

Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA, for the Smithsonian Festival

'Richard Bartlett and Place-Names on his maps of Ulster, 1600-1603' (KM; 16 May)

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Knocks Community Centre, Co. Fermanagh

'Place-Names of the Knocks and District'(PMcK; 13 June)

13th International Congress of Celtic Studies, Universität Bonn

'A comparison of the close compound place-names of Ireland, Britain and Continental Europe' (PT; July)

O'Neill Summer School, Clotworthy House, Antrim

'Leabhar Cloinne Aodha Buidhe: bardic poetry of the O'Neills of Clandeboy'(PMcK; 11 September)

Killultagh Historical Society, Crumlin, Co. Antrim

'Lough Neagh Places: a Journey round the Lough' (PMcK; 25 October)

NI Family History Society, Belfast

'Place-names and family names' (KM; 25 October)

Lisburn Public Library

'Place-Names of Lisburn and District' (PMcK; 20 November)

Ulster Place-Name Society, Belfast

'Road Names and Street Names in Northern Ireland' (CD; 26 November)

International Forum on the Languages of Scotland & Ulster, Perth, Scotland

'Names in the north of Ireland: spelling, sound and sense' (KM; 8 December)


Antrim Historical Society

'Traditions of Lough Neagh' (KM; 17 January)

Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland: 15th Annual Conference, Bristol

'Irish place-names and the maps of Richard Bartlett c.1600' (KM; 7 April)

University of Edinburgh, 'Orality and Text' conference

'Early traditions and place-names of Lough Neagh' (KM; 28 April)

Northern Ireland Family History Society, East Belfast

'Family names of Lough Neagh and area' (KM; 4 May)

Ulster Place-names Society, Belfast

'Macha and its derivatives in the toponymy of North Armagh' (MÓM; 25 May)

Rainey Endowed School, Magherafelt

'Place-Names of Magherafelt and District' (PMcK; 22 June)

8th International Conference on the Languages of Scotland and Ulster, Islay

'Oral history and place-names in Co. Antrim', annual conference of the Forum for the Study of the languages of Scotland and Ulster, Islay - (KM, 7 July)

'Noun + Noun and Adjective + Noun Compounds in the Irish place-names of Ulster' (PT; 7 July)

Inishowen Summer Gathering

'Some Inishowen Place-Names History, Lore and Legend' (PT; July)

Ulster Historical Foundation conference, Church House, Belfast

'Our heritage in Ulster Place-Names,' (PMcK; 26 September)

Cumann Gaelach, Dunloy, Co. Antrim

'The Place-Names of Co. Antrim'(PMcK; 17 October)

Friends' School, Lisburn

'Place-Names in Ulster' (PMcK; 20 October)

NI Libraries, 'Celebrating Local History' conference, Greenmount

'Place-names on the maps of Richard Bartlett c.1600' (KM; 21 October)

Carrickfergus & District Historical Society

'Irish Hill and Mountain Names' (PT; October)

Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, day conference

'Manx language and traditions' (KM; 11 November)


Holywood Public Library

'Ulster Hill and Mountain Names' (PT; May)

Inishowen Summer Gathering

'Donegal Hill and Mountain Names' (PT; July)

Ulster Place-names Society, Autumn Lecture, Belfast

'Townlands of Clogher and Dungannon' (KM; 1 December)


Lisburn Family History Society

'Place-names and Family names' (KM; 13 January)

Hilltown Historical Society

'Place-names of Clonduff' (KM; 5 February)

Killyfole and District Development Association, Aghadrumsee, Co. Fermanagh

'Townland names in the parish of Clones, Co. Fermanagh' (PMcK; 18 March)

Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland: 13th Annual Conference, Peterhouse College, Cambridge

'Gaelic surnames based on giolla'lad' plus a saint's name' (KM; 28 March)

Ballinamallard, Co. Fermanagh

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 28 May)

Public Records Office of Northern Ireland

'Valuing our Townlands and their importance when researching the archives in PRONI' (KM; 16 September)

Ulster Place-Name Society

'Five Common Generic Elements in Irish Hill and Mountain Names: Binn, Cnoc, Cruach, Mullach, Sliabh', UPNS autumn lecture (PT; November)



'Townlands of Aghavea' (NÓM; 20th January)


'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 24 January)

Stewartstown and District Historical Society

'What's in a townland name?' (PMcK; 27 January)

Killyleagh Historical Society

'Place-names of Killinchy and Killyleagh' (KM; 3 February)

Tyrone County Library, Omagh

'The townland names of Omagh and district' (PMcK; 12 February)

Donaghadee Historical Society

'Ulster Place-Names' (PMcK; 24th February)

Mullaghbane Community Association

'Our townland heritage' (PMcK; 4 March)


'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 4 March)

Teangolaíocht na Gaeilge Conference, QUB

'Lough Erne and related names' (KM; 11 April)

Group for the Study of Irish Historical Settlement

'Place-name evidence in the Armagh area' (KM; 10 May)

Aghanloo Historical Society, Co. Derry

Local names of Aghanloo (KM; 28th May)

Cathal Buí Mac Giolla Gunna Festival (Belcoo), Devenish Festival, Co. Fermanagh

'Place-names of the local parishes' and place-name tour to Marble Arch (KM; 28 June)

Cookstown District Council

Short talk at launch of townland list (KM; 3 July)

Newcastle Library

'Maritime names of South Down coast' (KM; 28 July)

International Congress for Celtic Studies, Aberystwyth

'Gaelic surnames based on giolla'lad' plus a saint's name' (KM; 26 August)

Festival of the Peninsula, Clonmany, Co. Donegal

'Inishowen maritime place-names' (KM; 14 September)


'Maritime place names and links with Scotland' (KM; 18 September)

Cumann Seanchais Ard Mhacha, Armagh

'O'Neills and Ulster Cycle place-names' (KM; 15 October)

Ulster Local History Trust, Conference: 'The Heart's Townland', Monaghan

'Interpreting our townland names: the work of the Northern Ireland Place-Name Project' (PMcK; 15 November)


Downpatrick Library (schools included)

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 21 January)

Linguistic Diversity, DCAL

Kay Muhr provided briefing for Patricia McAlister of Linguistic Diversity, DCAL, on townland issues for Stormont (KM; February)

Symposium: 'Languages of Ulster', Tempo, Co. Fermanagh

Place-names contribution (PMcK; 9 February)

Ards Historical Society, Newtownards

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 13 February)

>Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland: 11th Annual Conference, Newcastle, England

'Early Ireland: the Anglo-Saxon connection' (NÓM; April 5-8)

QUB, Local Studies Course

'Ordnance Survey Memoirs and placenames' (KM; 18 April)

Tyrone County Library, Omagh

'Place-names of Omagh and Co. Tyrone' (PMcK; 16 May)

Ulster Place-Name Society, Belfast

'Early Ireland: aspects of the Anglo-Saxon connection' (NÓM; 25 May)

Cathal Buí Mac Giolla Gunna Festival (Belcoo), Devenish Festival, Co. Fermanagh

'Place-names of the local parishes', place-name field trip: circuit of Lough Macneane Lower (KM; 1 June)

Master McGrath Festival, Lurgan

'Place-names of NE Armagh' (KM; 12 August)

Saintfield Historical Society

'Place-names of Saintfield and area' (KM; 10 October)

Charles Macklin Autumn School, Culdaff, Co. Donegal

'Ulster place-names' (KM; 13 October)

Ulster Place-Names Society: Seán Mac Airt Memorial Lecture (Golden Jubilee of UPNS), Armagh

'Place-names in north-west Armagh' (MÓM; 1 November)

Killultagh Historical Society

'Place-names of Killultagh' (KM; 28 November)

Markethill Ulster-Scots Society, Co. Armagh

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 9 December)


Bangor Historical Society

'The Place-Names of Ulster' (PMcK; 11 January)

Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 18 January)

Tempo Historical Society, Co. Fermanagh: symposium 'Languages of Ulster'

'Celebrating our townland heritage' (PMcK; 9 February)

Cookstown District Council

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 13 February)

Fermanagh District Council, Town Hall, Enniskillen

'Townlands in Ulster' (PMcK; 20 February)

QUB Local Studies conference

'Place-Names and family names' (KM; 28 February)

Craigavon, Co. Armagh

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 13 March)

Keady, Co. Armagh

'Place-names and family names of Co. Armagh' (KM; 21 March)


'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 26 March)

Scottish Place-name Society, Dumfries

'Place-name links between Ulster and SW Scotland' (KM; 12 May)

South-Eastern Education and Library Board, Holywood

Training course, talk on place-name exhibition to librarians (KM; 16 May)

Linenhall Library, Belfast

'Place-Names and identity day seminar' (KM; 24 May)

Dromore Diocesan Historical Society, Banbridge

Place-name tour and talk on exhibition (KM; 11 June)

Ballymena Museum

'Celebrating Ulsteris Townlands' (KM with Eull Dunlop; 15 June)

Portaferry Library, Co. Down

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 20 June)

Cathal Buí Mac Giolla Gunna Festival (Belcoo), Devenish Festival, Co. Fermanagh

'Place-names of the local parishes' place-name tour, Holywell and Glenfarne (KM; 1 July)

Clotworthy Centre, Antrim

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 6 July)

Irvinestown, Co. Fermanagh

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 12 August)

Brockagh, Co. Tyrone

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 19 September)

(advertised on Your Place and Mine, Sat. Sept. 15th)

Donaghmore Historical Society, Tyrone

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 1 October)

Larne Historical Society

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 8 October)

Cambridge University, Dept of Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic: Quiggin Memorial Lecture

'Place-names as a source for mediaeval Gaelic history' (KM; 15 November)


Donaghmore Historical Society, Co. Tyrone

'Sources for investigating Tyrone place-names' (PMcK; 17 January)

Killesher, Co. Fermanagh

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 19 January)

Strabane, Co. Tyrone

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 24 January)


'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 21 February)

Queen's University Belfast, Local Studies conference

'Place-names and Family names' (KM; 1 March)

Upper Ards Historical Society, Portaferry

Orally collected place-names in Ulster' (PMcK; 8 March)

Scottish Society for Northern Studies: Annual Conference, Isle of Man

'Manx place-names - an Ulster view' (KM; April)

West Tyrone Historical Society

'Ulster place-names' (PMcK; 26 April)

Queen's University Belfast, symposium: 'Language, Place-Names and Identity'

Scots influences on Ulster place-names' (PMcK; 24 May)

Ulster Place-Name Society, spring lecture, Belfast

'The Study of Irish Names' (NÓM; May)

Cahal Buí Mac Giolla Gunna Festival (Belcoo), Devenish Festival, Co. Fermanagh

'Place-names of the local parishes' (KM; 1 July)


'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 6 July)

Gortin, Co. Tyrone

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 3 August)

Irvinestown, Co. Fermanagh

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 11 August)

Queen's University Belfast, conference: Dialect 2000, (languages of Ireland & Scotland)

'Aspects of the anglicisation of Gaelic place-names' (KM; August)

An Cumann Gaelach, Cushendall, Co. Antrim

Investigating place-names, with special reference to the Glens of Antrim' (PMcK; 15 August)

Ulster Historical Foundation conference, Belfast

'Place-names and family names' (KM; 23 September)

Antrim Probists Association

'The place-names of Ulster' (PMcK; 26 September)

Randalstown Primary School, Co. Antrim

'Place-names of Randalstown and district' (PMcK; 8 October)

St Olcan's High School, Randalstown, Co. Antrim

'Who was Saint Olcan?' (PMcK; 9 October)

Glens of Antrim Society, Cushendun

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 20 October)

Ulster American Folk-Park, Co. Tyrone: conference on Irish Migration

'Place-Names and Irish Migration' (KM; 21 October)


'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 29 November)


Greenisland Womens' Institute, Co. Antrim

'Place-names and Family names' (KM; 4 February)

Omagh Family History Society, Co. Tyrone

'Place-names and Family names' (KM; 16 February)

Lisburn Family History Society

'Place-Names and family names' (KM; 9 March)

Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland, 8th Annual Conference, Sheffield

'Family names in place-names in Northern Ireland' (KM; 27 March)

Navan Centre, Armagh

'The Ulster Cycle and Armagh place-names' (KM; 13 April)

Ulster Place-Name Society, spring lecture

'County Armagh: its districts and peoples' (KM; May)

University College Cork: International Congress for Celtic Studies

'Aspects of the place-names associated with the Ulster royal sites of Navan, Clogher and Downpatrick' (KM; 27 July)

Ulster Historical Foundation, conference: 'That Elusive Irish Ancestor'

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 4 September)

(Talk based on a showing of the millennium exhibition Celebrating Ulster's Townlands, since repeated in many local venues, each time with reference to the place-names of the area)

Dooneen, Tempo, Co. Fermanagh

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 9 September)

Launch of touring exhibition for the millennium Celebrating Ulster's Townlands, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Leaflets and a questionnaire accompanied the tour, with talks provided by a staff member in many of the venues.

Dooneen, Tempo, Co. Fermanagh

'Place-Names of Tempo and District' (PMcK; 16 September)

International Congress for Onomastic Sciences, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

'The influence of the ruling family of O'Neill on place-names in the Ulster Cycle of Irish heroic legend' (KM; 23 September)

Navan Centre, Armagh

'Compiling a Dictionary of Ulster Place-Names' (PMcK; 5 October)

Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 21 October)

Burren, Co. Down

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 17 November)

Belcoo, Co. Fermanagh

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 18 November)

Town Hall, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh

Launch of Pat McKay's A Dictionary of Ulster Place-Names at the showing of Celebrating Ulster's Townlands exhibition, followed by 'Compiling a Dictionary of Ulster Place-Names' (PMcK; 23 November)

Knocks, Lisnaskea, Co. Fermanagh

'Celebrating Ulster's Townlands' (KM; 24 November)

Ulster Place-Name Society, Autumn Lecture, Belfast

'The place-names of Belfast' (PMcK; 25 November)

Tí Chulainn cultural centre, Mullaghbane, Co. Armagh

'Compiling a Dictionary of Ulster Place-Names' (PMcK; 8 December)

Randalstown Historical Society, Co. Antrim

'Derryhollagh crannog' (PMcK; 15 December)


Queen's University Belfast, Institute of Irish Studies

'Townland name replacement' (PMcK; February 12)

Society of Name Studies in Britain and Ireland, 7th Annual Conference, NUI, Maynooth

'Place-names and royal sites in Ulster' (KM; April 20)

Northern Ireland Family History Society, East Belfast

'Place-Names and Family Names' (KM; May 7)

Creggan Centre, Co. Tyrone

'Local Place-Names' (KM & PMcK; June 18)

Ulster Historical Foundation, Annual Conference

'Place-names and Family names' (KM; September 5)

Queen's University Belfast, Local Studies course

'Place-names' (KM; October 14)


Randalstown Historical Society, Co. Antrim

'Legends of Lough Neagh' (KM; 13 January)

Mid-Antrim Historical Society, Town Hall, Ballymena

'William Reeves and some local place-names' (PMcK; 6 February)

NI Place-Name Project & Federation for Ulster Local Studies, seminar: 'Recording and preserving our place-names heritage', PRONI, Belfast

'Sources for the study of place-names' (KM; 8 February)

'Recording local pronunciation' (GT)

PMcK and other NIPNP members participated

Ballyearl Courtyard Theatre

'Place-names and boundaries' (PMcK; 27 February)

Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh, Co. Tyrone

'Sources for the study of place-names' (KM; 1 March)

'Recording local pronunciation' (GT)

'Tape recording in the field' (KM, FMacG)

Trillick, Co. Tyrone

'Place-names of Tyrone and Trillick' (KM; 12 March)

Queen's University Belfast, Continuing Education, series of talks on saints

'Saint Patrick' (KM; 24 April)

West Belfast Historical Society

'Place-names of Belfast and area' (KM; 9 May)

North Belfast Historical Society

'Place-names of East Ulster' (KM; 18 September)

Ceangal: Comhchoiste na Gaeilge Aontroim Thuaidh agus Cairdeas Chloich Cheann Fhaola, Ballintoy, Co. Antrim

'Logainmneacha thuaisceart Aontroma' (PMcK; 10 October)

Moneyneena Local History Group, Co. Derry

'Local townland names' (PMcK; 21 October)

Linenhall Library, Belfast

'Recording and preserving our place-names heritage' (PMcK; 22 November)

Gael-Linn Enrichment Programme: talks on place-names

[at schools in Coleraine, Ballyclare, Derry, Dungannon, Coleraine, Ballymena]


Belcoo Historical Society, Co. Fermanagh

'Place-Names of Cleenish and Killesher' (KM; 21 February)

Dromore Diocesan Historical Society, Lurgan, Co. Armagh

'Place-Names and family names' (KM; 13 May)

Enniskillen Together

'Place-Names and family names' (KM; 12 June)

Navan Centre, Armagh

'Place-Names in the Ulster Cycle' (KM; 27 June)

Scottish Place-Name Society conference, Edinburgh

'District names in the Magennis Lordship, Iveagh' (KM)

International Congress for Onomastic Sciences, Aberdeen

'Place-name links between Ireland and Scotland' (KM; 5-10 August)

Navan Centre, Armagh

'Townland names in mid-Armagh' (MÓM; 15 September)

Gael-Linn Enrichment Programme, Dungannon Royal Academy

'Place-Names of Dungannon and district' (MÓM; 23 September)

[plus other talks in series at schools in Bangor, Derry, Carrickfergus, Magherafelt, Ballyclare, Enniskillen College & Portora (KM)]

Tempo Hist Soc. Dooneen, Co. Fermanagh

'Place-Names and family names' (KM; 12 September)

Lisburn Womens' Group

'Place-Names and family names' (KM; 25 September)

Scottish Place-Name Society, Edinburgh

'Place-name links between Ireland and Scotland' (KM; 15 November)

Community group, Ballybeen, Co. Down

'Local place and street-names' (KM; 25 November)

Belfast Society, Linenhall Library, Belfast

'Studying place-names in Northern Ireland: the Co. Down case' (KM; 12 December)


Queen's University Belfast, conference: 'Ireland's Holy Ground: the poetry and politics of landscape'

'Place-names and the landscape in Iveagh Co. Down c. 1600' (KM)

International Congress of Celtic Studies, Edinburgh

'The location of the Ulster Cycle' (KM)

Randalstown Historical Society, Co. Antrim

'Randalstown and district: place-names and local history' (PMcK; 22 February)

Queen's University Belfast, sesquicentennial symposium

'Categories of Place-Names' (PMcK; 27 March)

Marrion's, Creggan, Randalstown

'Creggan and District: place-names and local history' (PMcK; 3 April)

Ulster Place-Name Society, Spring Lecture

'The Valley of Cadhan's Hound: place-names of South Derry' (GT; May)

Lecale Historical Society, Downpatrick

'Place-names of Lecale' (KM; 20 November)

Ulster Place-Name Society, Autumn Lecture

'The Place-Names of Ulster in the Ulster Cycle of Tales' (KM; November)


Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland, Aberystwyth

'Place-names and family names in north-west Co. Down' (KM)

1st Ulster Cycle Conference, Belfast

'The location of the Ulster Cycle' (KM)

Clotworthy House, Antrim

'The Origin of local place-names' (MÓM; 14 January)

An Creagán Visitor Centre, Creggan, Co. Tyrone

'Minor place-names of the Creggan area of Co. Tyrone' (PMcK)

Queen's University Belfast, Local Studies course

'Townlands and place-Names' (KM; 3 March, continued from 1993)

Strabane, Co. Tyrone

Lecture to 50 first years (KM; 8 March)


Lecture to 60 sixth-formers (KM)


Bayburn Historical Society, Helen's Bay, Co. Down

'Local place-names of north Down' (KM; 20 January)

QUB Local Studies degree course

'Townlands and place-names' (KM; 10 March)

Strabane Historical Society, Co. Tyrone

'Place-names and their meanings' (KM; 25 March)



'Place-Names and family names' (KM; January)

Banbridge Historical Society

'Place-Names and family names' (KM; February 6)


'Place-Names and family names' (KM; February 11)


'Ordnance Survey Memoirs' (KM; March 3)

Maghera Arts Society, Co. Derry

'Place-Names and family Names' (KM; April 30)

FÉile na Glasdromainne/Glasdrumman Festival, Newcastle, Co. Down

'Place-names of the barony of Mourne' (MÓM; June)

QUB extra-mural course, Banbridge Academy

'The more common generic elements in Irish place-names with particular reference to the place-names of the parish of Seapatrick, Co. Down' (MÓM; November)

Ulster Place-Name Society

'Field-names and other minor place-names from Cos Antrim and Tyrone' (PMcK; 26 November)



'Place-Names and family names' (KM January 31)

Ulster Historical Foundation, conference: 'That Elusive Irish Ancestor'

'Place-Names as a source for the family historian' (KM)

Fifth Irish Conference of Medievalists, Maynooth

'Analogies for Baptism in Early Irish' (KM)

'St Duinseach in place-names' (AJH)

International Congress of Celtic Studies, Paris

'Gaelic Popular and literary traditions in Ulster from the accounts of the Ordnance Survey Memoirs 1830-1840' (KM)

Society for the Preservation of the Countryside, QUB

'Place-names and family names' (KM; October 2)

Dromore Historical Society, Co. Down

'Townland names around Dromore' (KM; October 23)

Ballymoney Further Education College

'Ecclesiastical and secular settlement terms in Irish place-names' (MÓM; November)

Ballywalter Historical Society, Co. Down

'Scottish connections with Ireland' (KM; November 19)


Cumann Seanchais Ard Mhacha, Armagh

'Place-Names in the baronies of Oneilland, County Armagh' (KM; September 12)

Ballywalter, Co. Down

'Place-names and family Names' (KM; November 6)


Ulster Place-Name Society, Queen's University Belfast

'Place-Names in the Ordnance Survey Memoirs of County Antrim' (KM)

Lisburn Historical Society

'Down and Connor Place-names in the Ordnance Survey Memoirs' (KM)