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An administrative unit based on the medieval ecclesiastical parish

Aghaderg ParishIveagh Up., Up. Half
Annaclone ParishIveagh Up., Up. Half
Annahilt Parish (Iveagh portion)Iveagh Lr., Lr. Half
Annahilt Parish (Kinelarty portion)Kinelarty
Ardglass ParishLecale Lower
Ardkeen ParishArds Upper
Ardquin ParishArds Upper
Ballee ParishLecale Lower
Ballyculter ParishLecale Lower
Ballykinler ParishLecale Upper
Ballyphilip ParishArds Upper
Ballytrustan ParishArds Upper
Ballywalter ParishArds Upper
Bangor Parish (Ards Lower portion)Ards Lower
Bangor Parish (Castlereagh Lower portion)Castlereagh Lower
Blaris Parish (Castlereagh Upper portion)Castlereagh Upper
Blaris Parish (Iveagh portion)Iveagh Lr., Up. Half
Bright ParishLecale Upper
Castleboy ParishArds Upper
Clonallan ParishIveagh Up., Up. Half
Clonduff ParishIveagh Up., Lr. Half
Comber Parish (Castlereagh Lower portion)Castlereagh Lower
Comber Parish (Castlereagh Upper portion)Castlereagh Upper
Donaghadee ParishArds Lower
Donaghcloney ParishIveagh Lr., Up. Half
Donaghmore ParishIveagh Up., Up. Half
Down ParishLecale Upper
Dromara Parish (Iveagh Lr., Lr. Half portion)Iveagh Lr., Lr. Half
Dromara Parish (Iveagh Up., Lr. Half portion)Iveagh Up., Lr. Half
Dromore ParishIveagh Lr., Lr. Half
Drumballyroney ParishIveagh Up., Lr. Half
Drumbeg ParishCastlereagh Upper
Drumbo ParishCastlereagh Upper
Drumgath ParishIveagh Up., Up. Half
Drumgooland ParishIveagh Up., Lr. Half
Dundonald ParishCastlereagh Lower
Dunsfort ParishLecale Lower
Garvaghy Parish (Iveagh Lr., Lr. Half portion)Iveagh Lr., Lr. Half
Garvaghy Parish (Iveagh Up., Lr. Half portion)Iveagh Up., Lr. Half
Grey Abbey ParishArds Lower
Hillsborough ParishIveagh Lr., Up. Half
Holywood ParishCastlereagh Lower
Inch ParishLecale Lower
Inishargy ParishArds Upper
Kilbroney ParishIveagh Up., Up. Half
Kilclief ParishLecale Lower
Kilcoo ParishIveagh Up., Lr. Half
Kilkeel ParishMourne
Killaney ParishCastlereagh Upper
Killinchy Parish (Castlereagh Lower portion)Castlereagh Lower
Killinchy Parish (Castlereagh Upper portion)Castlereagh Upper
Killinchy Parish (Dufferin portion)Dufferin
Killyleagh Parish (Castlereagh Upper portion)Castlereagh Upper
Killyleagh Parish (Dufferin portion)Dufferin
Kilmegan Parish (Iveagh portion)Iveagh Up., Lr. Half
Kilmegan Parish (Kinelarty portion)Kinelarty
Kilmegan Parish (Lecale Upper portion)Lecale Upper
Kilmood ParishCastlereagh Lower
Kilmore Parish (Castlereagh Upper portion)Castlereagh Upper
Kilmore Parish (Kinelarty portion)Kinelarty
Knockbreda Parish (Castlereagh Lower portion)Castlereagh Lower
Knockbreda Parish (Castlereagh Upper portion)Castlereagh Upper
Lambeg Parish (Down portion)Castlereagh Upper
Loughinisland ParishKinelarty
Maghera ParishIveagh Up., Lr. Half
Magheradrool Parish (Iveagh portion)Iveagh Lr., Lr. Half
Magheradrool Parish (Kinelarty portion)Kinelarty
Magherahamlet ParishKinelarty
Magheralin ParishIveagh Lr., Up. Half
Magherally ParishIveagh Lr., Lr. Half
Moira ParishIveagh Lr., Up. Half
Newry Parish (Down portion)Newry, Lordship of
Newtownards Parish (Ards Lower portion)Ards Lower
Newtownards Parish (Castlereagh Lower portion)Castlereagh Lower
Rathmullan Parish (Lecale Lower portion)Lecale Lower
Rathmullan Parish (Lecale Upper portion)Lecale Upper
Saintfield ParishCastlereagh Upper
Saul ParishLecale Lower
Seapatrick ParishIveagh Up., Up. Half
Shankill Parish (Down portion)Iveagh Lr., Up. Half
Slanes ParishArds Upper
St. Andrews alias Ballyhalbert ParishArds Upper
Tullylish ParishIveagh Lr., Up. Half
Tullynakill ParishCastlereagh Lower
Tyrella ParishLecale Upper
Warrenpoint ParishIveagh Up., Up. Half
Witter ParishArds Upper