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Aghinlig, County Armagh


perhaps Ir. Achadh an Loig ‘field of the hollow’ Ir. Áth an Loig ‘ford of the hollow’


The first element in this name is identified as achadh ‘field’ in the form assigned to John O’Donovan and in the NIPNP notes. However, we should also consider the element áth ‘ford’.  Because of the weak articulation of non-palatal ch in East Ulster Irish the pronunciation of ch and th in this area would have been very similar (Sommerfelt1929, 66, 171). Consequently, achadh and áth an would have been almost indistinguishable both in Irish and in the subsequent anglicized pronunciations of this name. Further, a significant portion of the boundary of this townland is marked by the Callan River, which makes the appearance of the element áth ‘ford’ entirely possible, contrary to the form assigned to JOD.

The second element is almost certainly log or lag ‘hollow’ and might refer to a natural hollow, to a pool, or to a little lough. This element is frequently anglicised lig, such as in the common townland name Ballylig (Baile an Loig ‘townland of the hollow’) in Cos Antrim and Down.



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Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Aghiliug1609Esch. Co. Map 5.30
Aghiling, 1 bal.1618CPR Jas I 410b
Apheleg1657Inq. Arm. (Paterson) 223
Aghalegg1661BSD 30
Aghyianbegg1664HMR Arm. (PRONI) 29
Ahgyianbegg1664HMR Murray (1941) 153
Aughanlegg1760Rocque's Map
Aughanligg1830cHC Sur.& Val.(OSNB) A154 52
Aughinleg1830cBnd. Sur. (OSNB) A154 52
Aghinlig1835Land agent (OSNB) A154 52
~Achadh an luig ""Field of the hollow""1835J O'D (OSNB) A154 52
Ahinlig1837Lewis' Top. Dict. i 323
Parish in 1851
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