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Ballymore, County Armagh


Ir. An Baile Mór ‘the big townland’


Ballymore, derived from baile mór ‘great or big townland’ is a common place-name in Ireland. In all, there are 18 Irish townlands named Ballymore ( This Ballymore contains the town of Tandragee, which appears alongside the townland name in some of the historical forms.


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Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Thamclache Dalig1306CDI 693
Tamlactglyid, rectory of, to Odo McDonin prior Col1367Reg. Sweteman 269 $179
Tamlachtalyag, paroch. eccles de (D Offearchran)1438Annates Ulst. 6
(?)Patricum McKyerlayd de Tamlaghtlege1440Reg. Mey 31
Henricum Offercheran de Tamlathlead1440Reg. Mey 31
(?)Balehaygne, p. eccl. de [or =Haynestown?]1492Annates Ulst. 10
Minteriguai perp. vic. (Thos Oferachran)1500?Annates Ulst. 24n=Reg.Paul.3
Tamlachtalyag, Ecclesia de1500cAnnates Ulst. 6
Patrick Yheany, tenant on the lands of Monterheny1534Reg. Cromer ii $185
et relique de Monterigai (Eug. Ocullen, sub 30 mks1535Annates Ulst. 14
Rect. de Tawlaghleg1540Reg. Dowdall ii 93
St Kerain of Monterheny al. Tamlaghlege, vicar of1541Reg. Dowdall 97 $38
Monterenay, Malachy Kelly vicar1542Reg. Dowdall 98 $43
Rectory of Mounterkenny, alias Tannagbie1542cInq. (Mon. Hib.) 48
rect. de Talaghlyag, vic. ib.1544cReg. Dowdall 95 $128A
rect. de Tawlaghleg, vic. ib.1544cReg. Dowdall 93 $126A
Balenmore1599Boazio's Map (BM)
Parish Church of Townaghdeilly1608Sur. Ulst. 215
Ballymore, The Manor of1611CPR Jas I 190a
Ballymore, Tonregie otherwise1611CPR Jas I 190a
Ballymore, Tonregee al''1616Inq. Ult. (Armagh) $5 Jas. I
Ballymore, castle & manor of1616Inq. Ult. (Armagh) $5 Jas. I
Ballemoore1618cPynnar's Sur. Ulster 221 $176
Territory of Munter Heyney1620Rent Roll Arm. (Murray) 106
Ballymore, Tonregie al''1621Inq. Ult. (Armagh) $7 Jas. I
Ballemore1622Sur. Arm. & Tyr. 134
Ballymore1622Sur. Arm. & Tyr. 134
Castle & Manor of Ballymore1622CPR Jas I 515b
the parish of Tawnatalee alias Mounterheyney1622Sur. Arm. & Tyr.
Ballymore, Tandrage al''1623Inq. Ult. (Armagh) $8 Jas. I
the pishe of Tawnaghtally1623Inq. Ult. (Armagh) $8 Jas. I
rector'' de Mounterhenie al'' Tawnaglie1625Inq. Ult. (Armagh) $1 Car I
~Tamhlachta Gliadh i nGlionn Righe, Ciaran1630cMart. Don. Feb 4 p38
Ballymore al'' Tonregy1631Inq. Ult. (Armagh) $13 Car. I
church of Taunatlee1657Inq. Arm. (Paterson) 230
the parish of Taunatlee1657Inq. Arm. (Paterson) 227,229,230
the town & townland of Ballymore1657Inq. Arm. (Paterson) 232
Ballymoore, td in parish Dunashye (Oryer)1659Census 1659 29
Lower Ballymore1661BSD 8
Ballymore1664HMR Orior 421
Ballymore1664HMR Murray (1941) 124
Townaghly1672cHib. Del. 28
Townaly1672cHib. Del. 28
Ballywire C.1792Beaufort's Mem. (OSNB) NB 115
Ballymore1830cPrentis' MS (OSNB) NB 115
Bal-i-more1835OSNB Pron. NB 115
Ballie More ""Great Town""1835Ballymore inf. NB 115
Ballymore also called Tanderagee Parish1835HC Rept on Pop. Ire (OSNB) NB 115
~Baile Mór ""Great Town""1835J O'D (OSNB) NB 115
Ballymore = Tamhlacht Gliadh1911Reg. Sweteman 293 index
An Baile Mór ""the large town, settlement""2001Arm. Terr, People + Place-names 319
Orior Lower
Parish in 1851
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