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Crockerahoas, County Fermanagh


perhaps Ir. Cnocán an Chuais ‘little hill of the cave or hollow’


The anglicised component Crocker- is unattested elsewhere, although we do know that in the northern half of Ireland the n- of cnoc came to be pronounced as [r] from perhaps the 17th century onwards (O’Rahilly 1932, 22-3). Following a search for the component Knocker- we find Knockertotan in Co. Antrim, the historical evidence for which confirms its origin as Cnoc an Toiteáin 'hill of the conflagration' with the [r] of the modern form attributed to the mistranscription of [n] of the definite article.

This is unlikely to be the case for Crockerahoas as evidence for the definite article appears in the medial syllable -a-, immediately following Crocker-. Instead, we might assume the mistranscribed -n- (appearing as -r-) might belong to a diminutive form of Cnoc, Cnocán ‘little hill’ in a form such as Cnocán an Chuais ‘little hill of the cave or hollow’.

This proposal can only be tentative in the absence of any historical evidence. A further investigation into the origin of the component Knocker, which is also seen in names such as Knockercreeveen in Co. Kerry, Knockeravella in Co. Limerick and Knockergrana in Co. Donegal, might reveal a different etymology for this component.


FK (2019)

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Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
~Cnoc a'' Chuais ""hill of the cave""1834J O'D (OSNB) B141
Parish in 1851
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