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Dorsy, County Armagh


Ir. Na Doirse [na dorsha] ‘the gateways’.


5km NE of Crossmaglen

par: Creggan bar: Fews Upper

The modern name is a shortened form of Doirse Eamhna [dorsha auna] ‘gateways of Navan’ so-called because Dorsy is the site of a series of large linear earthworks which formerly controlled the approaches from the south to Navan Fort, the ancient capital of Ulster. Dorsy has given name to four townlands in the neighbouring parish of Newtownhamilton. These are: DORSY (CavanO’Hanlon)OR ROXBOROUGH, DORSY (Hearty), DORSY(MacDonald)OR CARRICKROVADDY and DORSY(Mullaghglass)[(ar) doirsibh Emhna 1224].


McKay, P. (2007): A Dictionary of Ulster Place-Names, p. 59

Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
~ar doirsibh Emhna1224ALC i 270
ballynenur[s\g]agh1609Esch. Co. Map 5.27
Dorsi-ene-1640Murray's Creggan 23
Dorsiene al'' Uniricam al Tullyogallaghan1640Inq. Ult. (Armagh) $36 Car. I
Dorsey1655cCromwell Confisc. 28,29
Dorsey als Dercy, Dorcey etc.1655cCromwell Confisc. 29
Dorsey1657Inq. Arm. (Paterson) 227
Dorsey1657cHib. Reg. Fewes
Dorssy1659Census 1659 32
Dorsy1659Cen. Fews 1659 33
Dorsey 1/2 Towne1661BSD 12
Dorsy1664HMR Murray (1941) 161
Dorsey1667ASE 128a
Darsey1668ASE 178b
Dorsey1672cHib. Del. 28
Dorsy1766Families Creggan 41;45
Darcy Will1793Murray's Creggan 16
Dercy180aASE 640
Daires-egh ""the bullock wood""1830cBallymore inf. A/E63,no.196
Darsy1830cDawson Esq. (OSNB) A/E63,no.196
Darsy1830cDawson Esq. (OSNB) A/E63,no.196
Dorcey1830cEvans's Return (OSNB) A/E63,no.196
Dorsey1830cHugh O'Callaghan (OSNB) A/E63,no.196
Dursey1830cRev. D. Atkinson (OSNB) A/E63,no.196
~Darsey Dair-saith The extensive forest of oak tim1838Donaldson's Fews 98
~Dorsey Na Doirse, the doors or gates (of Emain Ma1923Murray's Fews 109
~Na Doirse ""the gateways""1999Dict. Ulst. PN 59
Na Doirse2000Gateway to Ulster Map
""entrances to Navan""2004NIPNP replies KMtoArmTur
Dórsaidhe ""Doors or Gates"A/E63,no.196J O'D (OSNB)
Fews Upper
Parish in 1851
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