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Killevy Parish, County Armagh


Ir. Cill Shléibhe [kill leyva]‘church of the mountain’.


(sometimes Killeavy)

Church is 6km SW of Newry

bar: Orior Upper

The church was so-named from its position at the foot of Slieve Gullion (573m) in the townland of BALLINTEMPLE(Ir. Baile an Teampaill ‘townland of the church’) where the ruins can still be seen. The parish of Killevy is partly in the barony of ORIOR LOWER [(Darercae) Cille sleibe Cuilinn 517].


McKay, P. (2007): A Dictionary of Ulster Place-Names, p. 87;

Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Cehllescleue1025cS. Ard Mh. 10.2 (1982) 432
Chellecleue ""cellula montis""1025cS. Ard Mh. 9.2 (1979) 260
Chellescleue1025cS. Ard Mh. 10.2 (1982) 446
Chillesleue1025cS. Ard Mh. 9.2 (1979) 266
i Cill Sleibhe1029AU (Mac Airt) 466
~hí Cill Slébhe1029Freeman, M. 1944 ii 816
~Moninni Cilli Slebe1125cCSH 703.8
~i cCill shleibhe1146Freeman, M. 1944 ii 1080
~Cailleach Cille Slebhe1150Freeman, M. 1944 ii 1090
~co Cill Slébhe1163Freeman, M. 1944 ii 1150
Bellslebi1225cVSSH Plummer ii 63 n.11
Killsaleny1306cEccles. Tax. (CDI) 693
Bellslebi1325cVSSH Plummer ii 63 n.11
Cell Slebi1400cVSSH Plummer ii 63 $ix
Kylsleby1406Reg. Fleming 105
Charles Oneyll, vic of Kylsleue1435Reg. Swayne 157
Kylsleve, Carolum Mcconulad de1440Reg. Mey 31
Cillslebe1535Annates Ulst. 24
Vicarie de Cisslebe1535cAnnates Ulst. 14
St. Monynae of Kilsleive, rectory of (1542Reg. Dowdall i 92 $1
Rector de Kylsleive1544cReg. Dowdall ii 95
Vic de Killsleive et de Illagh1544cReg. Dowdall ii 932
rector de Killsleive, vic. ib.1544cReg. Dowdall 93 $126A
rector de Kylsleive, vic. ib.1544cReg. Dowdall 95 $128A
vic. ib. (Killsleive) et de Illagh1544cReg. Dowdall 93 $126A
Patrick o Doryda, Rector of Killevy1557Reg. Dowdall i 157 $92
Killeaue1603Bartlett Maps (Esch. Co. Maps) 2
Killeue1603Bartlett Maps (Esch. Co. Maps) 1
Monast. de Kilslewe1605Ex. Inq. (Arm) 2 Jac. I 43
Parish church of Killene1608Sur. Ulst. 215
Killevie1609Esch. Co. Map 5.26
Kilsleve orse Killeve, Monastery of1609CPR Jas I 128a
Clyffe [Co. Down]1610Speed's Ulster
Kilsleve orse Killeve, late monastery of1610CPR Jas I 159a
Kilsleve, rector of1617CPR Jas I 326a
Belselbhi1627cVSSH Plummer ii 63 n.11
~Cill tsleibhe1630cMart. Don. July 6 p186
~i gCill-tSléibhe1633cCéitinn i 114
~i gCille tsléibhe1633cCéitinn i 114
Kill-Slebhe1645Acta SS Colgan 606 col.2
Kill-Slebhe Montis Cuilinn1645Acta SS Colgan 606 col.1
Kill-slebhe1645Acta SS Colgan 606 col.2 n.10
de Cella Montis Cuilin1645Acta SS Colgan 190 col.2
de Kill-Slepte1645Acta SS Colgan 105 col.2
de Kill-slebbe1645Acta SS Colgan 607 col.1 n.10
Killsleeveh1657Inq. Arm. (Paterson) 218
Killsleeveh1657Inq. Arm. (Paterson) 236
Killsleeven1657Inq. Arm. (Paterson) 230
the parish of Killsleeveth1657Inq. Arm. (Paterson) 227
Killsleue, Parish of1657cHib. Reg. Orier
Kilslene Parish1657cHib. Reg. Orier
Kilsleeve (parish)1659Census 1659 30
Killsleave1661BSD 9
Killsleave Parish1661BSD 10
Killsleene Parish1661BSD 2
Killsleene Parish1661BSD 1
Killslecue1672cHib. Del. Armagh
Killeany1674Cal. Ormonde Mss
Killsleve1690cLamb Maps
Killevy1715Reg. Deeds abstracts vol. i $406
Kilsleve1786Mon. Hib. 51
Killeavy1792Beaufort's Mem. Map index 41
Killevy1792Beaufort's Mem. Map Index 41
Killeavey1835cCess Book (OSNB) No. 171
Killeavey1835cOSNB No. 171
Killeavy1835cRet. Tds Armstrong's Sur. (OSNB) A/E35 No. 46
Killeavy1835cBnd. Sur. (OSNB) A/E35 No. 46
Killeavy1835cOSNB A/E35, No.46
~Cill Shleibhe ""Church of the mountain""1835cJ O'D (OSNB) A/E35 No. 46
~Cill Shléibhe ""Church of the Mountain""1835cOSL (Arthurs) i 47
~Cill Shléibhe ""cellula montis""1835cJ O'D (OSNB) No. 171
~Cill Sliebhe ""The Mountain Church""1835cOSNB Inf. A/E35 No. 46
~Croman Chilléibhe18thcEachtra AMG 117
~Cill Shléibhe1905Post-Sheanchas 82
~Quies Con Cainne Cille Slebe1958Glesson, D. 1958 137-80
~Cill Shléibhe1969AGBP 103
~Cill Shléibhe1970Dinnsean. iv,1,24-26
~Cill Shléibhe1989GÉ 61
Cill Shléibhe "" church by the mountain""1999Cel. Ulst. Tds 20
~Cill Shléibhe ""church of the mountain""1999Dict. Ulst. PN 87
Cill Shléibhe ""church of the mountain""2001Arm. Terr, People + Place-names 319
Cill Shléibhe ""church of the mountain""2003NIPNP replies PMcK/PNíU
~Darerca Cille Slebe Cuilinn514Chron. Scot. 38
~Cille Sléibhe Cuilinn517AFM i 168
~Cille Sléibhe Cuilinn517AFM i 168n.p
~Dar Ercae Cille Sleibe Cuilinn517AU (Mac Airt) 64
~Quies Concaine Cille Slebe653Chron. Scot. 94
~Coincenn Cille Slébhe654Freeman, M. 1944 i 266
~duibhlitir Cille Slebhthe921Freeman, M. 1944 ii 688
~do Galloibh .i. Cille Slebe922Chron. Scot. 194
Indred Cille Sleibhe923AU (Mac Airt) 374
Parish in 1851
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