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Ballymaconaghy, County Down


Ir. Baile Mhic Dhonnchaidh ‘MacConaghy’s townland’.


The surname Mac Dhonnchaidh is normally associated with Scotland and can be anglicized MacConkey or Duncan.  It is particularly common in Perthshire where the MacConnachies are a branch of Clan Robertson, a surname which is also very common in east Ulster.  However, the name Mac Dhonnchaidh in this place-name is not necessarily connected with Scotland as the personal name Donnchadh was a common name in Ireland and there is no reason why there should not be a native Irish surname based on it cf. Mac Donnchaidh (anglicized Donaghy) and Mac Donnchadha (anglicized McDonagh).  The townland is bisected by the Knock dual carriageway, east of the Saintfield Road on the outskirts of Belfast. There is another townland named Ballymaconaghy near Newry (PNI i 61) and a subdivision of the townland of Ballykeel in the parish of Seapatrick was known as Edenoconchy (Ir. Éadan Mhic Dhonnchaidh ‘MacConaghy’s hill brow’) (PNI vi 307).


P. McKay, 2009

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Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference

Baile Meg Conchaidh ""town of Maconaghy""

1834cJ O'D (OSNB) E 124

Baile-Mic-Dhonchadha, Mc Donoghy''s town...''

1913Joyce iii 104

Baile Mhic Dhonnchaidh ""Mac Dhonnchaidh''s townland

1991NIPNP posters Belfast

Baile Mhic Dhonnchaidh ""Mac Donnchaidh''s townland

2001NIPNP replies PMcK/KH
(?)B. M''Clonghee1623Ham. Copy Inq. [1623] lv
B.M''Cenoghie1623Ham. Copy Inq. [1623] lvi
Balle Mc Conoghie1623Ham. Copy Inq. [1623] xl
Balle-M''Conkey1623Ham. Copy Inq. [1623] xliii
Balle-M''Conoghie1623Ham. Copy Inq. [1623] xxxiii
Ballymaccannoghie1632Inq. Ult. (Down) $29 Car. I
Ballymacconaghie1640Inq. Ult. (Down) $86 Car. I
Bally Mc Connoghy1659cCensus 1659 88
Ballemcc Connoghy1661BSD 123
Ballym''Conaghy1663Sub. Roll Down 285
Ballymakconnachy1716Reg. Deeds abstracts i $146
Ballymacconaghy1745Map of Down (OSNB) E 124
Ballymacconaghy1810Wm. Map (OSNB) E 124
Castlereagh Upper
Parish in 1851
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