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Derrykeighan, County Antrim


Ir. Doire Chaocháin [dirra kheeghine] ‘Caochán’s oak-wood’.


Village is 7.5km N of Ballymoney

bar: Dunluce Lower

The personal name Caochán signifies ‘purblind/dim-sighted’. The site of the medieval parish church, and also of an early church, is marked by the ruins of a later church in the village [(o) Daire Chaechain c.800].


McKay, P. (2007): A Dictionary of Ulster Place-Names, p. 55

Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
~[o] Daire Chaechain0800cL. Lec. fol.43(?)
Dhaire Chaochain i nDail Ríada, Colmán Muilinn ó1170cMart. Gorm. Jan 1n p6
Darkehan, Ecclesia de1306Eccles. Tax. 78
Daerecaechain1418Annates Ulst. 136
Derrichighan1605Inq. Ant. (DK) 51
Derikeikan1609Jas I to Connor Cath. 263
~ó Dhoire Chaochain i nDail Riada1630cMart. Don. Jan 1 p2
~Doire Chaochain1645Acta SS Colgan 95 col.2
Derekoeghan1655cCiv. Surv. x $67a
Dirikichan1659cCensus 1659 11
Derrykigan Parish1669HMR Ant. 75
Derikan1672cHib. Del. Antrim
Derrekehin1672cHib. Del. Antrim
~Doire Caochain ""Keeghan''s oakwood""1827J O'D (OSNB) 93 B50
Doire Caocháin ""Keighan''s derry or oak wood""1832J O'D (OSNB) B19
Derrykeighan (DAIRE wood of oaks KEIGHAN name)1837OSM xvi 78
Derrykeighan (ancient flint arrowhead)1837OSM xvi 94
Derrykeighan (ancient silver coins)1837OSM xvi 89
Derrykeighan (disagreement over new church)1837OSM xvi 89
Derrykeighan (male pay school)1837OSM xvi 86
Derrykeighan (ruined parish church)1837OSM xvi 84
Derrykeighan (small village)1837OSM xvi 79
Derrykeighan (twnland)1837OSM xvi 95
~>""Caechan''s or Keeghan''s grove""1869Joyce i 503
~Doire-Chaechain (4M)>1869Joyce i 503
~Doire Chaocháin ""Caochán''s oak-wood""1999Dict. Ulst. PN 55
Doire Caocháin ""Caochán''s oakwood""2002HMC replies HMCjun02
~Daire ChaechainCent.EA 78
Dunluce Lower
Parish in 1851
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