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Skerry West, County Antrim


Ir. An Sceire ‘the rocky hill’ + E. West


The townlands of Skerry West and its neighbour Skerry East are jointly referred to as Scerry in 1661 and as Skrery c.1672 and the derivation of the place-name is obviously An Sceire ‘the rocky hill’: the name clearly refers to a prominent rocky hill named Skerry Rock (290m) which straddles the townlands of Skerry East and Skerry West a short distance west of the village of Newtown Crommelin. On Lendrick’s Map of Co. Antrim in 1780 the name of the townland is recorded as Skirry Ravel, a name which is corruptly written Skerrykennall in the Hearth Money Rolls of 1669, the second –k- being obviously a scribal error for –r- and –nn- an error for –v- (HMR Ant. 85). The element Ravel in these spellings obviously refers to the district of Glenravel, named from the Ravel Water (now Glenravel Water, the lower portion of which is known as the Clogh River) and is clearly used to distinguish the townland from the parish of Skerry which lies a short distance to the south and is sometimes known as Skerry Braid.


Pat McKay

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Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Screrry1657cHib. Reg. Kilconway
Skerrykennall1669HMR Ant. 85
~Sceire ""sea rocks...applied to rocks inland""1869Joyce i 420
Skerry ""rocky place""1993Glenravel Bk 26
Newtown Crommelin
Parish in 1851
Newtown Crommelin
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