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Glore, County Antrim


Ir. Gluaire ‘brightness, purity’


Reeves described the church townlands of Tickmacrevan in 1847: ‘There are 3 small denominations, called Glore, Glebe and Oldchurch, joining each other, which are set out on the Ord[nance] Map as townlands, but which seem properly to be subdivisions of the townland Glore’.  ‘On the Glebe is the churchyard with the foundations of the ancient church.  The spot is generally called the Glore’ (Reeves EA 87 n.k).


In 1847 Glore was ‘the name by which the ancient church of Tickmacrevan is commonly known’ (Reeves EA 338 n.x).  A church was mentioned, as Gluari ‘in Larne’ (a tribal area), with a priest called Mac Lessi, as one of St Patrick’s foundations in Dál nAraide in the Tripartite Life of St Patrick (c. 900, ed. W. Stokes p.164): Gluari iLatharnu - & Mac Lessi indi ‘[church of] Glore in Larne – and Mac Lessi in it’.  This information is repeated in the later Life of Patrick printed by Colgan: Gluaire in regione Latharna ‘Glore in the Larne region’ (Reeves EA 338, from Colgan Trias Thaum. 146-7).  Despite hesitation by O’Laverty and Joyce (O’Laverty 1884 iii 155; Joyce 1875 ii 71) this church founded by Patrick can be identified with the Ecclesia Sancti Patricii de Glenarum ‘church of St Patrick of Glenarm’ in the Papal Taxation of 1304-6 (Reeves EA 87).


Although other Irish words have been anglicised as glor-, the noun gluaire f. meant ‘brightness, clearness’ (DIL).  The early reference in the Tripartite Life makes it clear this is the word used here, no doubt with Christian connotations. As Reeves said, evidence shows that the name was used with the article: ‘The spot is generally called The Glore’ ‘fromgluair the Irish for ‘pure’’ (EA p.87n). 


Kay Muhr

Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Gluari ilLátharnu 7 macc Lessi indi [chs DálAraide0900cTrip. Life (Stokes) 164
?Gluaire1647Trias. Thaum. 146
Glore1780Lendrick Map
Gluaire1786Mon. Hib. 11
~Gleoir ""bright""1832cJ O'D (OSNB) B7 B34
""..townland called Glore..must have taken its name1875Joyce ii 70
glór ""the sound of the river""1982Dallat's Tickmacrevan x 38
Glore2003HMC replies HMCsep03
Gluair ""pure, bright"" [Christian connotations]2003HMC replies HMCsep03
Glenarm Lower
Parish in 1851
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