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Slemish, County Antrim


Ir. Sliabh Mis [sleeoo mish] ‘Mis’s mountain’.


11.5km ENE of Ballymena

par: Racavan bar: Antrim Lower

Slemish (437m), in the townland of CARNSTROAN, has the same derivation as SLIEVE MISH, a range of mountains which lie south-west of Tralee in Co. Kerry. According to medieval place-name lore, the Mis who gave name to the latter was a sister of Eochu (var. Eochaidh) mac Maireadha, the Munster king who gave name to Lough Neagh [(i) Slébh Mis 771].


Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
>quia nutrivit ibi filium Milcon Maccu Buain0670cTírechán (Bieler) 162 $49
in cacumunibus montis Scirte iuxta montem Miss0670cTírechán (Bieler) 124 $1.3
~i Slébh Mis0771AFM i 374
>a monte Miss usque ad Bri Erigi (terminus PTk)0775cLiber Angeli 352
usque ad Montem Mis>, a pinna montis Berbicis0775cLiber Angeli 352 Trip
ascendit autem ad montem Miss Boonrige>0900cTrip. Life (Stokes) 329
co sliab Mis, comus termuind do cathrach o Dia..0900cTrip. Life (Stokes) 234
dinleith andes do Sleib Mis -ata cros isininadsin0900cTrip. Life (Stokes) 38
hindíthrub Slébi Mis inDal Araide0900cTrip. Life (Stokes) ii 392 =LB
i ndithrub Sleb[e Miss], rocess mór nimned0900cTrip. Life (Stokes) 16
(?)trí Conaire Slébe Miss1100cTBC (LL) l.4692
Sliabh Mis1200cBuile Suibhne 30
Sliabh Mis1200cBuile Suibhne 39
Sliabh Mis1400cBuile Suibhne 142
indithrebu Slebi Miss, ingaire mucc1400cTrip. Life (Stokes) 440 =LB Hom
juxta montem Mis1647Trias. Thaum. 4 col.2
usque Montem Mis1647Trias. Thaum. 8 col.2
iuxta.. montem Mis in Ultonia (angel Victor)1647cTrip. Life (Stokes) 19 =Colgan 120
Slemish Mountain1780Lendrick Map
Mis, the mountain1786Mon. Hib. 15
~Sliabh Mis1989GÉ 272
~Sliabh Mis1989GÉ 272
Sliabh Mis ""Mis''s mountain""1997NIPNP replies FMacG/AC
~Sliabh Mis ""Mis''s mountain""1999Dict. Ulst. PN 133
(in caelum pedibus extensis de monte ad montem)670cTírechán (Bieler) 162 $50
~i Sleib Miss776AU (Mac Airt) 228
icSléib Mis ocus i Sciric sainred tic[ed] cucai>MidIrTrip. Life (Stokes) 414 =FrLH
ituáiscuirt Dal Araide icSléib MisMidIrTrip. Life (Stokes) 414 =FRLH
otha Sliab Mis inDal Aroide co Cill CianainMidIrTrip. Life (Stokes) 416=FrLH
dond airgi bui oc Sliab Miss tess (Amairgen)O.Ir.San. Corm. (YBL) IT i 32-4
Antrim Lower
Parish in 1851
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