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Island Magee Parish, County Antrim


Ir. Oileán Mhic Aodha [illan vick ee] ‘Magee’s island/peninsula’.


(sometimes Islandmagee)

On E Antrim coast, to the north of Whitehead

bar: Belfast Lower

The family of Mac Aodha ‘Magee’ who gave name to Island Magee were a prominent Irish sept. An earlier Ir. name for Island Magee was Rinn Seimhne [rin shevna] ‘peninsula of (the district of) Seimhne’ where Seimhne seems to be originally a tribal name which has been transferred to the district. An old graveyard in the townland of BALLYPRIOR MORE appears to mark the site of the former parish church [Rensevin 1251].


McKay, P. (2007): A Dictionary of Ulster Place-Names, p. 84

Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
fundavit.. Imlech Chluane iSimniu [chs DálAraide]0900cTrip. Life (Stokes) 164
a Semne (císa tuath nUlad)1050cLebor na Cert 90 l.1339
co hEchtaich Sainmech co Saimne1100cTBC (Rec. I) l.3455
co Eocho Semnech i Semne1160cTBC (LL) l.4065
i rRind Roiss, as saide for Semniu1160cImm. Dá T. $5
ó Thraig Tola cu Rind Semni (Trian Fintain)1160cMesca Ulad l.18
ótá Rind Semni 7 Latharnai co Cnocc.. 7 co Dub1160cMesca Ulad l.130
~(?)Ratha Aidhne i nDal Araidhe1170cMart. Gorm. Sep 30n p186
Imseuene1180cDower Charter 78,79
Ros na rig a Seimniu1200cDescendants Ir xiii 324
Semhne1200cBuile Suibhne 78
Rensanem1213EA 270
Rensevin1251EA 59
Ranseuyn, Rector ecclesie de1306Eccles. Tax. 58
Ranseuene1326EA 270
Renceven1333Inq. Earldom Ulster 270(?)
Ransenem1375Cal. Canc. Hib. (EA) i 91b
~a Rinn-Sibhne1470AU iii 232
the island of Magee1542Mon. Hib. 14
Rinchevn1583EA 271
Rincheven1589EA 58
Maghees ile1595Mercator's Ulst.
Island Magee1598Stat. Sur. Ant. (Dub.) 620
the island of Magee1603Mon. Hib. 14
the island of Maghee1604CPR Jas I 39a
Iland Maghy1605Inq. Ant. (DK) 49
Insula de Maghy1605Inq. Ant. (DK) 50
Island Magee1605Inq. Ant. (DK) 51
Island Maghy1605Inq. Ant. (DK) 49
Island Magie1605Inq. Ant. (DK) 51
Island of Magie1605Inq. Ant. (DK) 43
Island-Maghy1605CPR Jas I 72b
the Island Maghy1605CPR Jas I 73b
Island Magye1606CPR Jas I 89a
Island-Magee1608CPR Jas I 125b
Island-Maghy1608CPR Jas I 121b,122b
Isle-Magee1608CPR Jas I 122a
Isle-Maghy1608CPR Jas I 122ab
Insulam1609Jas I to Connor Cath. 263
Mages lle1610Speed's Ulster
Island-Magie1611CPR Jas I 216b
the island of Magee1614Mon. Hib. 13
Island-Maghie1615CPR Jas I 278a
Insulmaghy1621Inq. Ult. (Antrim) Jac.I $7
Island Magee1621CPR Jas I 524b
Maguy''s island1621CPR Jas I 524b
McGuye''s island1621CPR Jas I 524a
iland ... Maghy1621Inq. Ult. (Antrim) Jac.I $7
iland Magny1621Inq. Ult. (Antrim) Jac.I $7
ilande Magny1621Inq. Ult. (Antrim) Jac.I $7
insul'' ... Magny1621Inq. Ult. (Antrim) Jac.I $7
insul''Magny1621Inq. Ult. (Antrim) Jac.I $7
le iland ... Maghy1621Inq. Ult. (Antrim) Jac.I $7
le iland Magny1621Inq. Ult. (Antrim) Jac.I $7
le ilande de Magny1621Inq. Ult. (Antrim) Jac.I $7
le ile de Maghy1621Inq. Ult. (Antrim) Jac.I $7
the island of ... Mahy1621CPR Jas I 524a
the island of Maguy1621CPR Jas I 524a
Illandmagee1625Inq. Ult. (Antrim) Car.I $2
Island Magee1633Regal Visit. (Reeves TCD) ?
Mage Island1657cHib. Reg. Belfast
The Island of Magee1657cHib. Reg. Belfast
Iland of Magee1659cCensus 1659 9
Ballyprior al. Ilamagee1661Trien. Visit. (Bramhall) ?
Lower Liberty of Island Magee1669HMR Ant. 42
Upper Parte of Island Magee1669HMR Ant. 40
Magee Island1672cHib. Del. Antrim
Island Magee Parish1780Lendrick Map
possible.. isamnion akron of Ptolemy.. pt of this1847EA 270
~Oileán Mhic Aodha1989GÉ 233
~Oileán Mhic Aodha1989GÉ 233
Rinn Seimhne ""peninsula of the (district of) Seimh1999Dict. Ulst. PN 84
~Oileán Mhic Aodha ""Magee''s island/peninsula""1999Dict. Ulst. PN 84
~Magh Semhne2859AAFM i 10 AW
~i Semhne3529AAFM i 36 AW
~i Semhne3656AAFM i 40 AW
Oileán Mhag Aodha ""Magee''s Island"A17 A198J O'D (OSNB)
Belfast Lower
Island Magee
Parish in 1851
Island Magee
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