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Londonderry, County Derry



(see Derry)


Additional Information

T., 1851 Census

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
~Doire Calgaigh, eaclais0535AFM i 178
~Daire Coluim Cille0546AU (Mac Airt) 74
~do Dhairiu0669AU (Mac Airt) 138
~go Doire0669AFM i 280
~Doire Chalggaigh, scribhneóir0720AFM i 318
~Daire Calggaidh, scriba0724AU (Mac Airt) 178
~Doire Calgaicch0783AFM i 390
~Daire Chalgaidh, combustio0788AU (Mac Airt) 244
~Daire, Moconna0830cMart. Tal. Mar 8 p21
~Darii0830cMart. Tal. May 29 p46
~o Daire0830cMart. Tal. Apr 7 p30
~hi nDoire Chalgaigh0832AFM i 446
~i nDaire Calgaidh0833AU (Mac Airt) 288
~Daire Chalgaigh, abb0879AFM i 528
~Daire Calcaigh, abbas0882AU (Mac Airt) 336
~Daire Calgaigh, abb0903AFM ii 564
~Daire Calcaigh, princeps0908AU (Mac Airt) 356
~Doire Chalgaigh, abb0919AFM ii 602
~Daire Calcaich, princeps0921AU (Mac Airt) 372
~Daire Calccaicch, epscop0927AFM ii 620
~Doire, comharba0937AFM ii 636
~Daire, comurba0939AU (Mac Airt) 386
~Daire Chalgaigh, epscop0948AFM ii 660
~Daire Colaim Chille, comharba0950AFM ii 666
~Daire calcaigh, airchinnech0950AU (Mac Airt) 394
~Dhoire Chalgaigh, airchinneach0967AFM ii 690
~Dhoire Chalgaigh, ancoire0967AFM ii 690
~Daire, abbas0975AU (Mac Airt) 412
~Daire Calggaigh, airchindeach0983AFM ii 716
~Doire Chalgaigh0989AFM ii 726
~Daire Calcaich0990AU (Mac Airt) 422
~Daire Calgaich, orgain0997AFM ii 738
~Daire, comarba1025AU (Mac Airt) 462
~Doire, airchinneach1061AFM ii 878
~Daire, comarba1066AU (Mac Airt) 504
~Doire, comhorba1066AFM ii 888
~Daire, airchinnech1096AU (Mac Airt) 530
~Doire, airchindeach1096AFM ii 952
~Doire1100AFM ii 964
~Daire, airchinneach1112AFM ii 992
~Daire, airchinnech1112AU (Mac Airt) 552
~a nDairi Coluim Cille1121AU (Mac Airt) 564
~i nDoire Choluim Chille1121AFM ii 1012
~Daire, i ndisiurt1122AU (Mac Airt) 566
~i nDisert Doire1122AFM ii 1016
~i nDisert Doire1122AFM ii 1016
~dhoire, muintir1124AFM ii 1018
~Daire, do marbadh la muinnter1125AU (Mac Airt) 568
~Doire, airchinneach1126AFM ii 1022
~Doire, banairchinneach1134AFM ii 1046
~Doire Cholaim Chille1135AFM ii 1048
~Doire, airchindeach1137AFM ii 1056
~i nDoire Cholaim Chille1146AFM ii 1080
~Doire Cholaim Chille1149AFM ii 1088
~Doiri Choluim Chille, airchinneach1150AFM ii 1090
~Daire, dorus tempaill1155AU ii 126
~Caiseal an urláir1162AFM ii 1146
~Daire, o thempluibh1162AU ii 140
~Doire Cholaim Chille, fer leighinn1162AFM ii 1144
~Dairi, tempull mór1164AU ii 144
~Teampall mór Doire1164AFM ii 1152
~Daire Coluim-cille1166AU ii 152
~Daire, toisech macleighind1166AU ii 154
~Doire Cholaim Chille1166AFM ii 1156
~Daire, [Macc liacc] ó1170cMart. Gorm. April 7n p72
~Dhoire, ógh ó1170cMart. Gorm. May 29n p106
~Doire, [mo Chonna]1170cMart. Gorm. May 13n p96
~Doire, mo Chonna1170cMart. Gorm. Mar 8n p50
~i nDoire Choluim chille1170cMart. Gorm. June 9n p112
~doire, epscop1173AFM iii 8
~i n-Daire1173AU ii 174
~i nduibhreccles cholaim chille i ndoire1173AFM iii 8
~i n-Daire1174AU ii 178
~i n-dubrecles Coluim-cille1175AU ii 180
~i nduibhrecclés cholaim chille1175AFM iii 18
~ar lár dhoire cholaim chille1177AFM iii 34
~i n-Daire Coluim-cil[l]e1178AU ii 192
~i ndoire colaim cille1178AFM iii 38
~Daire, aircinnech1180AU ii 196
~Daire, ar lar1180AU ii 196
~i n-Daire Coluim-cille1180AU ii 196
~Daire Coluim-cille, ferleighinn1185AU ii 206
~co Dairi Coluim-cille1185AU ii 204
~doire cholaim chille, fer leichinn1185AFM iii 64
~i n-Daire1188AU ii 212
~i ndoire1188AFM iii 82
~Daire, ferleighinn1189AU ii 216
~doire, fer lechcinn1189AFM iii 84
~Duibreiclesa, dorus proinntighi in1192AU ii 218
~dorus proinnticche an duibrecclesa colaim cille i1192AFM iii 92
~Daire, i [n-dub-?] reicles1195AU ii 220-222
~co Daire Coluim-cille1196AU ii 224
~go doire colaim cille1196AFM iii 102
~Dhaire Coluim-cille, altara tempoill moir1197AU ii 226
~ag croiss na riagh1197AFM iii 110
~co Port-Daire1197AU ii 224
~doire, co port1197AFM iii 108
~ic crois na riag1197AU ii 226
~doire colaim chille1198AFM iii 114
~i n-abdaine Coluim-cille1198AU ii 228
~Daire1199AU ii 230
~Doire colaim chille1203AFM iii 134
~Doire1204AU ii 240
~Doire, abad reiclesa1204AU ii 242
~Doire, muinnter1204AU ii 242
~Daire Coluim-cille, do lar1205AU ii 242
~doire, airdferleighinn1206AFM iii 148
~Daire Coluim-cille, ardfherleighinn1207AU ii 244
~co doire choluim chille1211AFM iii 170
~a doire1212AFM iii 174
~do Dhaire Coluim-cille1212AU ii 252
~Daire Coluim-cille, i n-dorus reiclesa1213AU ii 254
~dhoire choluim cilli, do orccain1213AFM iii 176
~doire coluim cille, abb Reclesa1213AFM iii 176
~Daire, ab reiclesa1214AU ii 256
~Daire, celloir mor reiclesa1214AU ii 256
~Daire, do breith shet Muinntere1214AU ii 256
~Dairi, do argain1214AU ii 256
~co Daire1214AU ii 256
~doire, i nduibhreccles1215AFM iii 186
~Daire, i n-dubreicles1216AU ii 260
~doire choluim chille, airchinneach1218AFM iii 194
~Daire Coluim-cille, aircinnech1219AU ii 264
~Daire, Muinnter1220AU ii 266
~Daire, aircinnech1220AU ii 266
~Daire, muinnter1220AU ii 266
~Dhaire, eter Muinntir...& O Brolca[i]n1220AU ii 266
~n-Daire, eter Muinntir...& Cenel n-Eogain1220AU ii 266
~doire1222AFM iii 202
~Daire, do sharughudh1223AU ii 270
~Daire Coluim-cille, airchinneach1233AU ii 290
~doire colaim cille, airchinnech1233AFM iii 266
~Dhaire Coluim-cille, beand tempuill moir1250AU ii 312
~go doire cholaim chille1259AFM iii 372
~i n-Doíre Coluim-cille1261AU ii 330
~i ndoire cholaim chille1261AFM iii 380
~i n-Doire Coluim-cille, i Mainister na m-Brathar1281AU ii 360
~i ndoire colaim cille1281AFM iii 434
~doire, espocc1293AFM iii 456
~espuc Tire-hEogain (alias espuc Daire)1293AU ii 380
~i ndoire choluim cille1318AFM iii 518
~Doire, espuc1319AU ii 434
~doire, espucc1319AFM iii 522
Cella Nigra [transl. of Dubh Regles, St. Columbkil1397Colton Vis. 20
Deria1397Colton Vis. 20,27,30,33,50,
Derry (x4)1401Cal. Papal Letters v 421
~co Daire1421AU iii 88
Dyrre1427cReg. Swayne 57
Diria1442McSkim. Carrick.(1839) 56
~(?)ic Daire Ingen Aillein ic Ard Ulad1453Fél. Óeng. May 29n p136
~Daire, easpuc1484AU iii 288
~doire, epscop1484AFM iv 1128
~Daire, ar espucoid1486AU iii 304
~Daire, espuc1500AU iii 450
~doire, epscop1500AFM iv 1254
~o Doiri1512AU iii 498
~Doiri, espuc1519AU iii 532
Derensis, episcopi1520cReg. Clogher 408
~doire, hi ttermmann1537AFM v 1442
~doire, epscop1550AFM v 1516
~doire, epscop1597AFM vi 2046
~i ndoire choluim chille1600AFM vi 2192
~doire, epscop1601AFM vi 2238
~go doire1601AFM vi 2236
Derry1602Bishop. Der. i 27
Derrie1603CPR Jas I 15b
Derrie1603CPR Jas I 10a
Derry1603Bishop. Der. i 28,29
Dirry1603CPR Jas I 14a
Le Derrie1603CPR Jas I 10a
Londonderry1603CPR Jas I 3b
the Derrie1603CPR Jas I 15a
the Derrye1603Fairs & Markets 54, 95
~go doire1603AFM vi 2346
Derrie1604CPR Jas I 51b,52a
Derrie1604CPR Jas I 57b
Derrie1604Bishop. Der. i 30
Derry1604CPR Jas I 57b
Derry1604CPR Jas I 65b
Derry1604Bishop. Der. i 29
Dirrie1604CPR Jas I 46b
Dirry1604CPR Jas I 46b
Londonderry1604CPR Jas I 59a,65b
(opposita) Derie1605McSkim. Carrick.(1839) 32
Derry1605CPR Jas I 71b
Derry1605Bishop. Der. i 31
Londonderry1605CPR Jas I 86b
Derry1607CPR Jas I 118a
Derry1608CPR Jas I 130ab
~i ndoire1608AFM vi 2358
Derrie1609CPR Jas I 159b
Derry1609CPR Jas I 147a,160
Derry1609McSkim. Carrick.(1839) 32,83
Laghlina, erenagh1609Colton Vis. 30e, Derry Inq.
Laghlinaghe, erenagh1609Colton Vis. 30e, Derry Inq.
Loughlina, diocese of Derry, within Island of Derr1609Colton Vis. 30e, Derry Inq.
Oderry, within Island of Derry1609Colton Vis. 30e, Derry Inq.
Derry1609-Bishop. Der. i 79
Derry (1 of 3 deaneries of Derry)1609cBp Montgomery Sur. (SAM 17) 46
Mohie (1 of 3 deaneries of Derry)1609cBp Montgomery Sur. (SAM 17) 46
Rathlowrie (1 of 3 deaneries of Derry)1609cBp Montgomery Sur. (SAM 17) 46
Derrie1610CPR Jas I 173a
Derrie1610Bishop. Der. i 55,59,73,74
Derry1610Bishop. Der. i 40,41,47,48,5
Derry1610CPR Jas I 173a,182
the Derry1610Bishop. Der. i 51,53,54
Derrie1611Bishop. Der. i 83
Derry1611Bishop. Der. i 76-78,80,81
the Derrie1611CPR Jas I 200b
Derry1612Bishop. Der. i 84,86,88,92,9
Derry1612CPR Jas I 226b
Lon''derry1612Bishop. Der. i 88
Lond[ond]erry1612Bishop. Der. i 87
the Derry1612Bishop. Der. i 85,86,88-90,9
Derry1613Charter of Londonderry 10,11,63,65
Derry1613CPR Jas I 248a,250
Derry1613Charter of Londonderry 73,77,84
London Derrey1613Lond. Comp. Valuation 301
Londonderry1613Charter of Londonderry 101-113,116-134
Londonderry1613Bishop. Der. i 96
Londonderry1613Charter of Londonderry 10-14,16-19,25
Londonderry1613Charter of Londonderry 26,28-63
Londonderry1613Charter of Londonderry 65,77,89-98
Londonderry1613Charter of Londonderry 136
Londonderry1613CPR Jas I 258a,264
Londonderrye1613Bishop. Der. i 97,98
Derry1614CPR Jas I 275ab
Londonderry1614CPR Jas I 274a
Derrie1615Bishop. Der. i 107
Derry1615Bishop. Der. i 102,107
Derry1615McSkim. Carrick.(1839) 32
Derry1615CPR Jas I 279ab,28
London''derry1615Bishop. Der. i 104
Londonderry1615CPR Jas I 279ab,28
Londonderry1615Bishop. Der. i 101,102,107,1
Derrie1616Bishop. Der. i 116
Derry1616CPR Jas I 307ab,31
Derry1616Inq. Ult. (Derry) $5 Jac. I
Derry1616Bishop. Der. i 116,117
Londonderry1616Bishop. Der. i 117
Londonderry1616CPR Jas I 304b,306
Londonderry1616Inq. Ult. (Derry) $5 Jac. I
Derry1616?Bishop. Der. i 118
Dery1616?Bishop. Der. i 118,119
LondonDery1616?Bishop. Der. i 118,119,
Derry1617CPR Jas I 338b,339
Derry1617Bishop. Der. i 120,124-126
Londonderry1617Bishop. Der. i 121
Londonderry1617CPR Jas I 324b,33
Londonderry1617Bishop. Der. i 120
London Derrie1617cBishop. Der. i 129
Derry1618Bishop. Der. i 130
Derry1618CPR Jas I 376b,377
Derry1618CPR Jas I 390ab,38
Derry1618CPR Jas I 419ab
Londonderry1618CPR Jas I 387a,389
Londonderry1618CPR Jas I 403b,413
the Derrie1618CPR Jas I 367b
the Derry1618CPR Jas I 379b,380
London-Derry1618cPynnar's Sur. Ulster 223$182
derry1618cPynnar's Sur. Ulster 224$183
Derry1619CPR Jas I 431a,459
Londonderry1619CPR Jas I 435a,460
Londonderry1620CPR Jas I 474b,477
Londonderry1620CPR Jas I 495b
Derry1621Bishop. Der. i 136,137,139
Derry1621CPR Jas I 510ab,51
Londonderry1621Bishop. Der. i 136
Londonderry1621CPR Jas I 535a,538
Londonderry1621CPR Jas I 511a,522
Derry1622CPR Jas I 541b,555
Derry1622Phillips MSS (Maps) 149,150,152,153
London Derre1622Phillips MSS (Maps) 148
Londonderre1622Phillips MSS (Maps) 151
Londonderry1622Phillips MSS (Maps) 147-51
Londonderry1622CPR Jas I 547b,551
Derry1623CPR Jas I 567b
Londonderry1623CPR Jas I 564a
Derry1624CPR Jas I 582a,584
Londonderry1624CPR Jas I 582a,588
Dery1624cBishop. Der. i 144
Londonderry1628Bishop. Der. i 155,160
Derry1629Bishop. Der. i 160,161
~Daire, Mochonna1630cMart. Don. March 8 p70
~Doire1630cMart. Don. June 9 p150
~a nDoire Choluim chille1630cMart. Don. June 9 p150
~o Doire1630cMart. Don. April 7 p96
Lo''Derry1631Bishop. Der. i 168
Londonderry1631Bishop. Der. i 162,164.165
Derry1633Bishop. Der. i 170,173,174
Dery1633Bishop. Der. i 171
Londonderry1633Inq. Ult. (Derry) $1 Car. I
Curneglough1634Bishop. Der. ii 333 $428
Derrie1634Bishop. Der. i 177
Derry1634Bishop. Der. i 174,178,179,1
Derrye1634Bishop. Der. i 180,186,192
Draneny1634Bishop. Der. ii 333 $428
Londonderry1634Bishop. Der. i 183,185,189
the Derry1634Bishop. Der. i 184,190
Derry1634cBishop. Der. i 189-192
Derrye1634cBishop. Der. i 192
Londonderry1634cBishop. Der. i 189
Londonderrye1634cBishop. Der. i 192
the Derry1634cBishop. Der. i 190
Derry1635Bishop. Der. o 202.204
Derry1635Bishop. Der. i 195-197
Derrye1635Bishop. Der. i 201
London Derry1635Bishop. Der. i 198
Londonderry1635Inq. Ult. (Derry) $2,3 Car. I
the Derry1635Bishop. Der. i 197,199,200
Corporation Derry 5 quarter lands1635cBishop. Der. ii 174,$340
Derry1635cBishop. Der. i 79
Derrie1636Bishop. Der. i 206,207
Derry1636Bishop. Der. i 206,210-212
Derrie1636cBishop. Der. i 213,214
Derry1636cBishop. Der. i 213-217
Londonderry1636cBishop. Der. i 216
Derry1637Bishop. Der. i 221-221,229
Derry1637Bishop. Der. i 217-219
Dery1637HMR (Ò Doibhlin 2) i 220
Londonderry1637Bishop. Der. i 217
Lo''Derry1638Bishop. Der. i 223
Lo''Derry1638Bishop. Der. i 225-228
Londonderry1638Bishop. Der. i 221,222
Derry1639Bishop. Der. i 227-229
L''Derry1639Bishop. Der. i 227
Londonderry1639Inq. Ult. (Derry) $8 Car. I
Londonderry1639Bishop. Der. i 225,227
Derry1640Bishop. Der. i 231
Lo''Derry1640Bishop. Der. i 231
Londonderry1640Bishop. Der. i 231,232
Londonderry1640cBishop. Der. i 232,233
Derrie1641Bishop. Der. i 236
Derry1641Bishop. Der. i 234-239
Lo''Derry1641Bishop. Der. i 239,241
Londonderry1641Bishop. Der. i 238,240-242
Londonderry1642Bishop. Der. i 244
the Derry1642Bishop. Der. i 245
~Doire1645cCín Lae Ó M. 6
~ó Dhoire1645cCín Lae Ó M. 13
Derry1653cBishop. Der. i245
Londonderry1653cBishop. Der. i 245
Derry1654Civ. Surv. iii 187,189-193
Derry1654Civ. Surv. iii 220
Derry1654Civ. Surv. iii 245,246
Derry1654Civ. Surv. iii 240-243
Derry1654Civ. Surv. iii 186
Derry1654Civ. Surv. iii 221,224-228
London Derry1654Civ. Surv. iii 165,240,246
London-Derry1654Civ. Surv. iii 143,167,220
Londonde-1654Civ. Surv. iii 220
Londonderry1654Civ. Surv. iii 144
Londonderry1654Civ. Surv. iii 240
Londonderry1654Civ. Surv. iii 196,197,198
Derry1657Bishop. Der. i 246-248,254,2
Derry1657Bishop. Der. i 273,275,278
Derry1657Bishop. Der. i 325
Lon''derry1657Bishop. Der. i 301
Lon[don]derry1657Bishop. Der. i 314
Lond[ond]erry1657Bishop. Der. i 300
London[derry]1657Bishop. Der. i 275,291
Londonderry1657Bishop. Der. i 247-249,254,2
Londonderry1657Bishop. Der. i 268,269,273,2
Londonderry1657Bishop. Der. i 325
Londonderry1657Bishop. Der. i 317,318,320,3
Londonderry1659cCensus 1659 123,124,145
London Derry1660Bishop. Der. i 342
LondonDerry1660Bishop. Der. i 342
Derry1661Bishop. Der. i 328,333,335,3
London-Derry1661Bishop. Der. i 334
Londonderry1661Bishop. Der. i 326,337,339,3
Derry1661cBishop. Der. i 343-345
Derry1662Bishop. Der. i 347-350,352
London Derry1662Bishop. Der. i 351
London Derry1662Bishop. Der. i 353
Londonderry1662Bishop. Der. i 347,348,352
Derie1663Bishop. Der. i 366
Derry1663Bishop. Der. i 353-355,357
Derry1663Bishop. Der. i 361,362,365-3
London Derry1663Bishop. Der. i 354
London-derry1663Bishop. Der. i 357
Londonderry1663HMR (Ò Doibhlin 2) 42
Londonderry1663Bishop. Der. i 355,357
Derry1663cBishop. Der. i 367
Derry1663cBishop. Der. i 368
Londonderry1663cBishop. Der. i 367,368
Londonderrye1663cBishop. Der. i 368
Derry1664Bishop. Der. i 368-371,377,3
London Derry1664Bishop. Der. i 373
Londonderry1664Bishop. Der. i 372,377,378
Londonderry1664Bishop. Der. i 369
Derry1665Bishop. Der. i 391-396
Derry1665Bishop. Der. i 382,385,387,3
London Derry1665Bishop. Der. i 394
Londonderry1665Bishop. Der. i 385,395
Derry1665cBishop. Der. i 397-399
Londonderry1665cBishop. Der. i 398,399
Derrie1666Bishop. Der. i 402
Derry1666Bishop. Der. i 400,404
Derrey1667Bishop. Der. i 410
Derry1667Bishop. Der. i 406
Derry1667Bishop. Der. i 412
Lon[donderry]1667Bishop. Der. i 411
London Derry1667Bishop. Der. i 411,412
Derry1667cBishop. Der. i 409
London Derry1667cBishop. Der. i 407-410
London-Derry1667cBishop. Der. i 408
LondonDerry1667cBishop. Der. i 409
Derry1668Bishop. Der. i 415
Londonderry1668Bishop. Der. i 413
Derry1669Bishop. Der. i 420-424
L''Derry1669Bishop. Der. i 422
derry1669Bishop. Der. i 425
Derry1670Bishop. Der. i 427-429
Lond''Derry1670Bishop. Der. i 429
London Derry1670Bishop. Der. i 426,427
LondonDerry1670Bishop. Der. i 429
Londonderry1670Bishop. Der. i 426,428
Londondery citty1672cHib. Del. Co.Londondery
~Doire sive cathedralis ecclesia Derensis1675cTop. Frag. 82
Derrey1677Bishop. Der. ii 33 $237
Doire (St Calumba)1680cTop. Frag. 82
~an cuntae Doire1680cTop. Frag. 71
Isle of Derry1684Bishop. Der. ii 89 $269
Termonderry, al'' Isle of Derry1684Bishop. Der. ii 89 $269
Londonderry1693Inq. Ult. (Derry) $1 Gul. & Mar.
Island of Derry1699Bishop. Der. ii 255 $409
Londonderry16???Inq. Ult. (Derry) $9,10 Car. I
Londonderry16???Inq. Ult. (Derry) $4,5 Car. I
(?)Termonderry1700Bishop. Der. ii 361 $428
Curneclogh1700Bishop. Der. ii 416 $428
Curneclogh1700Bishop. Der. ii 416 $428
Annacross1703Bishop. Der. ii 435 $433
Annacross1703Bishop. Der. ii 435 $433
Ballygoan1703Bishop. Der. ii 444 $433
Ballygoan1703Bishop. Der. ii 444 $433
Carownane1703Bishop. Der. ii 435 $433
Carownane1703Bishop. Der. ii 435 $433
Srade (qtrld) [with Termonbaccho, Crevagh, Killeag1703Bishop. Der. ii 438 $433
Londonderry (Margaret Magusty)1785Reg. Deeds abstracts ii 357 $722
Londonderry (Joseph Sayers)1807Reg. Deeds abstracts iii 215 $345
Derry1818Reg. Deeds abstracts iii 323 $504
Londonderry (Eliza Madden)1818Reg. Deeds abstracts iii 323 $504
Londonderry (Mrs Rebecca Rutherford)1821Reg. Deeds abstracts iii 342 $533
Terry Quay (suburbs of Londonderry)1821Reg. Deeds abstracts iii 342 $533
Derrie1839?McSkim. Carrick.(1839) 69
Derry1839?McSkim. Carrick.(1839) 66,68
Derry1839?McSkim. Carrick.(1839) 119
Doire1839?McSkim. Carrick.(1839) 23
~ann a'' Duire1854cMeath (McDonnell) 42
Derry1873Mon. Hib. 164
Londonderry (William Balfour)1880Reg. Deeds abstracts iii 154 $245
~A Dhoireagain1930cSgéalta Mh. L 152
~aige Doire1930cSgéalta Mh. L 16
~dochtuir Dhoire1930cSgéalta Mh. L 16
~go Doire1930cSgéalta Mh. L 17
~i lár mo Dhoireagain1930cSgéalta Mh. L 152
~Doire1989GÉ 212
Doire "" oakwood""1999Cel. Ulst. Tds 14
Doire "" oakwood""1999Cel. Ulst. Tds 14
~Doire ""oak-wood""1999Dict. Ulst. PN 54
~Doire Chalgaigh ""Calgach''s oak-wood""1999Dict. Ulst. PN 54
Termonderry, Tearmann Doire Cholm Cille, [+mem]2001Bryson, Streets of Derry 164
Doire, Doire Calgaigh, Doire Coluim Cille Londonde2003HMC replies HMCmar03
Londonderry, North-West Liberties of/Tirkeeran
Parish in 1851
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