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Drumgooland Parish, County Down


Ir. Droim Gualann ‘ridge of the shoulder’


Alexander Knox derived this name from Druim Gualanna ‘Golan's ridge’ but, as far as we know, there is no such personal name as Golan (History of the County Down xxi, 366, 1895).  In fact, it probably is the same name as Drumgoland, Co. Fermanagh and Drumgoolan, Co. Louth, both of which go back to Irish Droim Gualann ‘ridge of the shoulder (of a hill)’. There is also a townland of Drumgooland in Loughinisland parish.

The site of the old parish church of Drumgooland is in the townland of Drumadonnell (EA 315).


KM, 2009

Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference

Drumgolyn, Ecclesia de

1422Reg. Dowdall (EA) 315

Drumgowlyn, Ecclesia de

1422Reg. Dowdall $129 275

Vicaria de Drommgolan

1661Trien. Visit. (Bramhall) 16

Drumgooland Rectoria

1679Trien. Visit. (Boyle) 48

Druim Gualanna, ''Golan''s ridge or long hill''

1834cOSNB Inf. 65

Droim Gualann ""ridge of the shoulder (of a hill)""

1999NIPNP replies KM/MMcC
(?)Dru[m]lyn1306cEccles. Tax. 104
Druymgualland1420Cal. Papal Letters 264
Druymgualland1420Annates Ulst. 293
Druyngualland1422Cal. Papal Letters 263
Drungualam1476Cal. Papal Letters 513
Drumgwalyn, Rector of1546Reg. Dowdall $113 80
Dromkholyn1570Fiants Eliz. $1659
Dromkholin1592Fiants Eliz. $5767
Dronagolna al. Dromguallan1611CPR Jas I 190b
Dromgollan1657Inq. Down (Reeves1) 99
Dromgolane, parish of1657cHib. Reg.
Dromgolane, parish of1657cHib. Reg. Up. Iveagh
Dromgolane Parish1661BSD 118
Drumgolan1664Trien. Visit. (Margetson) 25
Drumgollan1672cHib. Del. Down
Drumgollon1690cLamb Maps Down
Drumgoolan1744Harris Hist. 199
Drumgoolan (x2)1744Harris Hist. 82
Drumgoolan1810Wm. Map (OSNB) 65
Drumgoolan1830cBnd. Sur. (OSNB) 23
Iveagh Up., Lr. Half
Parish in 1851
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