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Killaney Parish, County Down


Ir. Cill Eanaigh, ‘church of the marsh’


The townland and small parish of Killaney lies east of Lough Henney, next to an area of bog to the SW of Saintfield parish.  A detached westerly townland of Saintfield, Bresagh, is given in a 1623 document as an alias of Loghanie, Lough Henney (Hamilton Copy Inquisitions IV p.xxxiv) but is separated from the rest of Saintfield by the four townlands of Killaney.  The reason for this unusual arrangement is no longer known.  The nineteenth-century six-inch map (sheet 22, 1835 and 1859) shows the topographical details.  There are several smaller loughs named in English, Bow Lough, Wright’s Lough, McKee’s Lough, Dumb Lough, in the area of Lough Henney.  Lough Henney, which had a crannog dwelling, also means the ‘lake of the marsh’: Loch Eanaigh.  Lough Henney is in two parts, and north of Bow Lough in 1835 was a smaller piece of water also called Lough Henney, so that all this ‘lake of the marsh’ may once have been one, the boggy watershed forming the boundary between the baronies of Iveagh and Castlereagh.  Other local places seem to be named from the topography of the area: Annahilt parish to the SW means the ‘marsh of the doe’.


K. Muhr, 2009

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