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Iveagh Lower, Lower Half, County Down


Ir. Uíbh Eachach 'descendants of Echu' + Eng. lower + Eng. lower half


The name Iveagh derives from Uíb Echach, later spelled Uíbh/Íbh Eachach/Eathach, the dative or locative form of the tribal name Uí Echach 'grandsons/descendants of Echu'.  Ua or Ó 'grandson', plural , as used in surnames, is often prefixed by h in the early spellings, some of which show the Old Irish accusative plural Uu.  The use of dative Uíbh for all grammatical cases of this name can be traced in Irish from about AD 1600.  In early historical times Uí Echach were one of the tribes of the confederation of the Ulaid 'Ulstermen', after whom the province of Ulster is named (Flanagan 1978(d)).  Uí Echach shared the kingship of east Ulster with Dál Fiatach, the historic Ulaid, and with Dál nAraide of south Antrim, who like Uí Echach belonged to the ethnic group called Cruthin.  The large number of Irish references reflect the historical importance of Uí Echach.

Iveagh was the largest barony in Co. Down, stretching from Lough Neagh to Rosstrevor, and from Poyntzpass to Newcastle.  It was divided in the early 17th century into Lower (northern) and Upper (southern) Iveagh by a line running east to west between Dromara and Banbridge.  Since then each half-barony has also been divided into Upper and Lower halves, the northern part by another roughly east to west line, dividing Hillsborough from Dromore; the southern part by a line roughly running north to south, curving round Knock Iveagh and passing through Katesbridge and Rathfriland.  Thus Iveagh became four baronies.


Muhr, K. (1996): Place-Names of Northern Ireland vol. 6, p. 1-7, where the name is discussed in further detail.

Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference

Magh Roth la hUibh Eachdach

-1651BC [AM 3549]AFM i 38

la hUibh Eachdach

0689AFM i 294

(?) hin Druim moccu Echach

0700cMuirchú ii 286

Artan rioghdhamhna Ua nEathach

1004AFM ii 754

Gairbith rí H. nEchdach

1004AU (Mac Airt) 432

Echmilid H. Atidh rí H. nEchach

1005AU (Mac Airt) 436

Hu Echach, for Ultu 7

1005AU (Mac Airt) 434

Muirchertach m. Artan ridomna H. nEchoch

1013AU (Mac Airt) 444

(?) Ruaidhri Ua hAillelláin tigherna Ua nEathach

1019AFM ii 794

Mac Concuailnge ri .h. nEachach

1028AU (Mac Airt) 466

i nHuib Echach

1031AU (Mac Airt) 468

in Huibh Eachach Ulad

1041AU (Mac Airt) 478

Aiteidh H hAiteidh ri H. nEchach Ulad

1046AU (Mac Airt) 482

Tuaristol ríg Coba cuib (Ulaid)

1050cLebor na Cert 90 l.1324

do ríg Coba (Ulaid)

1050cLebor na Cert 86 l.1253

ria nUib Eachach

1054AU (Mac Airt) 490

Echmhiledh H. Aiteidh rí H. nEchach

1065AU (Mac Airt) 502

for Uib Echach

1086AU (Mac Airt) 520

i nHu Echach Ulad

1096AIF 252

hUa Echach, itir Ulto 7 (ic Druim Tairb)

1100cTBC (Rec. I) l.4154

d''Uib Echcach Ullad

1101AIF 256

ridomna H nEachach

1102AU (Mac Airt) 538

hui Eachach

1113AU (Mac Airt) 554

maidm Cinn Daire for Uibh Echach Uladh

1118AU (Mac Airt) 562

Cluain Dallain i nDál Echach i fail Chuain Snama Ech

1125cCSH 120,20

Eochu Coba a quo Hūi Echach Coba

1125cCGH 162a43

Genelach hūa nEchach Coba

1125cCGH 162b13

Genelach hūa nEchach

1125cCGH 161bc47

Hūi Echach Ulad (Clann Conaill Cernaich)

1125cCGH 157,46

Hūi Echdach (to Conall)

1125cCGH 137 140b23

condrecat Hūi Echach & Dál nAraide

1125cCGH 162a56

de forslointib Hūa nEchach

1125cCGH 157,15

i Mag Cobha...giallu H. nEchach

1128AU (Mac Airt) 574

Claneda Oneachulad, Magnus Magangasa dux

1157cNewry Char. (Flanagan)

Claneda Oveachulad

1157cNewry Char. (Mon. Ang.) 1134

Oneac, regis

1157cNewry Char. (Flanagan)

Oneach (x2)

1157cNewry Char. (Flanagan)

Oueach (x2)

1157cNewry Char. (Mon. Ang.) 1133-4

la hUíb Echach Cláir Coba

1160cClann Ollaman 64 $20

hUa-n-Echach uile, enech & eghnumh

1165AU ii 148

hUa-n-Echdach Uladh, la Clainn-Aedha

1172AU ii 172

la cloinn Aedha do Uibh Eachdach Uladh

1173AFM iii 6

hUa-n-Echach, rí

1179AU ii 194

d'Uib-Echach Uladh, drem

1188AU ii 212

Genélach Cloindi Echach m. Conla

1200cDescendants Ir 115

omnes ecclesias..Uuech

1204Pontif. Hib. i 127 $59

i n-Ou-Eathach

1252AU ii 314

hO-bhEatach, righ

1261AU ii 330

O-nEathach Uladh, rí

1347AU ii 486

Tomas mac Airten ri h. nEchach Ulad

1347Freeman, M. 1944 300

Ó nEachach Cobha, Uirríogha

1350cTopog. Poems l.383

Flaith ar Cloinn uasail Aedha / Mág Aonghusa

1350cTopog. Poems l.391

O-nEathach Uladh

1380AU iii 4

Mo Lipa i n-Uib Echach Ulad

1400cFél. Óeng. Feb 18 p76n

Mo Lipa o Enoch i nUltaib

1400cFél. Óeng. Feb 18 p76n

hUa-nEathach Uladh, rí

1401AU iii 44

Adam mac Gilli Mure ri h. nEchach

1407Freeman, M. 1944 400

Aed mac Airtt Meg Aengusa ri h. nEchach

1418Freeman, M. 1944 438

Rosa Mag Aengusa adbar rig h nEchach

1434Freeman, M. 1944 474

a crich Meg Aengusa

1444Freeman, M. 1944 486

ó Laind Ronain Fhind i n-Uaib Echach Ulad

1453Fél. Óeng. May 22 p134n

h[U]ibh-Eathach, secundus de

1484AU iii 288


1517AU iii 528

McGynnose his countrye..Iveache wherein the Myorie

1552Knox Hist. 298 (Ed VI ms)

entire country & territory of Iveaghe alias the country of Magnisse

1584Fiants Eliz. $4327

Evagh mGenis his contrye the ancyent name Maghra yllie

1603Bartlett Maps (Esch. Co. Maps) 2

Teallach féile Uib Echach

1628Teall. Uí Echach 92 $1

a nUibh Eachach Uladh, o Thulaigh Lis

1630cMart. Don. May 12 p124

i nUibh Eachach Uladh, o Land Ronain Finn

1630cMart. Don. May 22 p136

i nUibh Eachach Uladh

1630cMart. Don. June 7 p148

i nUibh Eachdhach Uladh

1630cMart. Don. Dec 6 p326

in Uibh Eachdhach Uladh, ó Enach Elti

1630cMart. Don. Feb 18 p52

muinter... Íbh Eathach

1645cCín Lae Ó M. 19 lch14, 29,43

tigherna Íbh Eathach

1645cCín Lae Ó M. 6 lch2, 10 lch6

Art (d.1629)..tighearna Íath Eathach Cobha

1666cTCD Gens 146a $276

E. Cobha ó ráitear Iath Eathach (Uladh)

1666cTCD Gens 142/7 $$259,280

Ceart Í Néill ar Íbh Eachach Uladh

1680cLCABuidhe 42 $3

ar Íbh Eachach fhéin .i. ar MhagAonghusa

1680cLCABuidhe 42 $3

for Uí Eachach Uladh

1680cLCABuidhe 1

Uí Eathach ""race of Eochy"" a tribe name

1834cJ O'D (OSNB) E18.13

Uíbh Eadhach

1834cOSNB Inf. E18.13


1992PNI 5

Mag Coba

1992PNI 5, 160, 174

Uíbh Eachach

1992PNI 1
Oveagh (Mackouecan)1211cPipe Roll John 58
Oueh1227cCartae Dun. 422 $10
Oweagh1500cReg. Swayne 103
Yueage, Magynows1564Mercator's Ire. (1564)
McGenis, Magenes1567Goghe's Map
Iviegh, MacGennis1570cNowel's Ire. (1)
Evaghe, McGhenes'' country1571Fiants Eliz. $1736
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whole country of Eveaghe1575Fiants Eliz. $2565
Mac Gynis lande called Iveache1580cSE Ulster Map
Yuaugh1580cUlster Map 1580c
whole country of Iveaghe1583Fiants Eliz. $4218
Iveagh (x2)1584Fiants Eliz. $4327
Magnisse''s country1584Fiants Eliz. $4327
in Eveaghe, Co. Down1585Fiants Eliz. $4788
Evagh othw Maginis countrey1586Bagenal's Descr. Ulst. 151
his country of Iveagh1587Fiants Eliz. $5044
Magenes1590Dartmouth Map 6
Magenis, Euaghe1590Jobson's Ulster (TCD) 17
Euaghe1590cJobson's Ulster (TCD) 17
in Eveagh alias McGennyes country1592Fiants Eliz. $5767
Evagh1595Mercator's Ire.
Evaugh1595Mercator's Ulst.
McGennes, Euagh1599Boazio's Map (BM)
Evaghe, McGenes1600Bartlett Map (BM)
Evaghe McGenis his Contrie1601Bartlett Map (TCD)
of Eveaghe1602Fiants Eliz. $6724
Evagh or McGenis his Contrye1603Bartlett Maps (Esch. Co. Maps) 1
Evaghe or McGenis his contrie1603Bartlett Maps (Esch. Co. Maps) 2
Evaugh1604CPR Jas I 38b
Evagh1605CPR Jas I 87a
in Evagh al. Magenis''s countrie1605Inq. Ult. (Down) $2 Jac. I col.e
Evagh1609CPR Jas I 148b
Evagh othw. Maginisse country1609CPR Jas I 146b
Iveagh1609CPR Jas I 395a,396a
Iveagh, county of1609CPR Jas I 394ab
Evagh1610CPR Jas I 174b
Iveagh1610CPR Jas I 175a
Iveagh, territory of1610CPR Jas I 195ab
Euagh or McGennys contry1610cNorden's Map
Evagh/ Magenisse''s country1611CPR Jas I 197a
Iveagh1611CPR Jas I 188b
Iveagh1611CPR Jas I 193a
Iveagh barony1611CPR Jas I 194b
Iveagh barony1611CPR Jas I 194b
Iveagh barony/territory1611CPR Jas I 190ab,191a
Iveagh territory1612CPR Jas I 235ab
Evagh1613CPR Jas I 246b,247a
Evaagh1614CPR Jas I 267b
Iveagh territory1614CPR Jas I 266a
Iveagh territory1616CPR Jas I 309a
Iveagh territory1617CPR Jas I 337a
Iveagh territory1618CPR Jas I 373b
Iveagh1623CPR Jas I 566a
Iveagh, country of1623CPR Jas I 304b
in Evagh1624?Inq. Ult. (Down) $15 Jac. I col.
de Iveagh1629Inq. Ult. (Down) $13 Car. I
de Iveagh1632Inq. Ult. (Down) $30 Car. I
de Iveagh1639Inq. Ult. (Down) $85 Car. I
de Iveagh1639Inq. Ult. (Armagh) $39 Car I
de Iveagh1639Inq. Ult. (Armagh) $36 Car I
de Iveagh1640Inq. Ult. (Down) $87 Car. I
de Iveagh1640Inq. Ult. (Down) $89 Car. I
Iveagh, Clountagh in1655cCiv. Surv. x $73
Iveach (Iveagh, map)1744Harris Hist. 79
nepotes Ecach761AU (Mac Airt) 214
H. Echoch Cobho776AU (Mac Airt) 228
nepotes Echdach Cobho801AU (Mac Airt) 256
la Hu Echach842AU (Mac Airt) 300
~dUibh Corbmaic Ua nEthach Cobha931AFM 628
~Domhnall mac Aenghusa tighearna Ua nEathach956AFM ii 676
~Aodh Ua hAitidhe rí Ua nEathach Cobha965AFM ii 688
Domhnall H hAitidh rí H. nEchach981AU (Mac Airt) 416
Indred H. nEchach999AU (Mac Airt) 428
Iveagh Lower Lower Half
Parish in 1851
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