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Iveagh Upper, Upper Half, County Down


Ir. Uíbh Eachach 'descendants of Echu' + Eng. upper + Eng. upper half


The name Iveagh derives from Uíb Echach, later spelled Uíbh/Íbh Eachach/Eathach, the dative or locative form of the tribal name Uí Echach 'grandsons/descendants of Echu'.  Ua or Ó 'grandson', plural , as used in surnames, is often prefixed by h in the early spellings, some of which show the Old Irish accusative plural Uu.  The use of dative Uíbh for all grammatical cases of this name can be traced in Irish from about AD 1600.  In early historical times Uí Echach were one of the tribes of the confederation of the Ulaid 'Ulstermen', after whom the province of Ulster is named (Flanagan 1978(d)).  Uí Echach shared the kingship of east Ulster with Dál Fiatach, the historic Ulaid, and with Dál nAraide of south Antrim, who like Uí Echach belonged to the ethnic group called Cruthin.  The large number of Irish references reflect the historical importance of Uí Echach.

Iveagh was the largest barony in Co. Down, stretching from Lough Neagh to Rosstrevor, and from Poyntzpass to Newcastle.  It was divided in the early 17th century into Lower (northern) and Upper (southern) Iveagh by a line running east to west between Dromara and Banbridge.  Since then each half-barony has also been divided into Upper and Lower halves, the northern part by another roughly east to west line, dividing Hillsborough from Dromore; the southern part by a line roughly running north to south, curving round Knock Iveagh and passing through Katesbridge and Rathfriland.  Thus Iveagh became four baronies.


Muhr, K. (1996): Place-Names of Northern Ireland vol. 6, p. 1-7, where the name is discussed in further detail.

Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
~Magh Cobha-1571BCc [AM 3529]AFM i 36
~toisech Cobha0683AFM i 290
Mors...Chaiss Chobo0725AU (Mac Airt) 178
Occisio Echdach Cobo filii Bresail0733AU (Mac Airt) 186
Conchad mac Cuanach, rex Cobo0735AU (Mac Airt) 188
Fergus Glutt rex Cobo0739AU (Mac Airt) 192
Gormgal m. Conaill Crui rex Cobho0776AU (Mac Airt) 228
Echu mac Ailella rex Cobho0801AU (Mac Airt) 256
in Campo Cobo0808AU (Mac Airt) 264
Mael Breasail mac Ailello Cobo rex Dal Araide0825AU (Mac Airt) 282
~Cearnach mac Maelbresail tigherna Cobha0851AFM i 484
Cernach m. Maile Bresail rex Cobo0853AU (Mac Airt) 312
~Conallán mac Maeledúin tigherna Cobha0879AFM i 528
Conallan m. Maele Duin rex Cobo0882AU (Mac Airt) 338
creach mór Maighi Cabha0999AU (Mac Airt) 428
Tuaristol ríg Coba cuib (Ulaid)1050cLebor na Cert 90 l.1324 verse
do ríg Coba (Ulaid)1050cLebor na Cert 86 l.1253
Síd Coba1100cMet. Dinds. ii 40
Trí anchinnid Choba1100cTBC (Rec. I) l.3778
Trí meic Fiachna, Trí anchinnid Choba1100cTBC (Rec. I) l.3778
Trí morglonnaich Midluachra1100cTBC (Rec. I) l.3778
co Conall Cernach co Mídluachair1100cTBC (Rec. I) l.3455
for sligidh Midhluachra i Cuib1100cTBC (Rec. I) l.4153
hi Cuib...Cruthen fora áth1100cTBC (Rec. I) l.1524
hi Cuib...for Sligi Midluachra1100cTBC (Rec. I) l.1488
i Cuib1100cTBC (Rec. I) l.1534
co Magh Cobha1102AU (Mac Airt) 538
for creich i Maigh Cobha1103AU (Mac Airt) 540
i mMag Coba1103AIF 258
Cath Maige Cóba1104AIF 260
co Magh Cobha1104AU (Mac Airt) 542
i Maigh Cobha1109AU (Mac Airt) 548
co Magh Cobha1113AIF 270
co Magh Cobha1113AU (Mac Airt) 554
~Caíra a quo Cairigi i Cuib1125cCGH 142b39
Cath Maige Coba1160cTrip. Life (Stokes) ii 526
im Choba na crech1160cClann Ollaman 74 $76
~hUa-n-Echach1172AU ii 172
Maincoue, patriam de Maincoue1211cPipe Roll John 60
~go moigh cobha gur trasccradh a chaislén1253AFM iii 348
Menkeue1305Inq. Earldom Ulster 44 ref Cal.Char
dar Magh Cobha (verse)1350cBuile Suibhne 68
~a Cuib1392cST Temra $26
Colman Droma moir hi Cuib1397cL. Lec. 125v b9
ó traid Indbir Colpa co Coba .i. Cailli Conaill13thcBattle of Airtech 174 $4 Lec
ó tuaith Inbir co Coba .i. Cailli Conaill13thcBattle of Airtech 174 $4
in finibus campi Coba14thcVSSH Heist 358 $6
~Rothmag a crích Coba cian14thcL. Gabála (Macalister) v 430, poem xci
i Magh Cobha Cenn-mhór soir1600cC. Conghail Cláir. 30
~in Uibh Eachach Uladh,an cuan láimh risin Caol1630cMart. Don. April 3 p92
tar druim Mhuighe Cobha1645cCín Lae Ó M. 31 lch 27
Cath Cobha fri Cruaidhlinne (fri hUlltaibh)1650Geneal. Tracts 63 $101
i Muigh Cobha, Tuath Cruithen (daoirchíos)1650Geneal. Tracts 72 $112
cath Muighe Cobha/ a Muigh Cobha1680cLCABuidhe 30
for Muigh Cobha1680cLCABuidhe 1
Cineál nAmhalaidh1992PNI 9
Clann Aogáin1992PNI 9
Lagán, An1992PNI 13
T.Chruithnech hi tir Ulad ocus i Maig CobaBBGeneal. Tracts 116 $14
Tuath Cruithneach a Tir Ulad agus a Muig CobaH.3.1Geneal. Tracts 121 $7
Mag Coba ferann cloinne Carbaid ChennleithLLecL. Gabála (Macalister) v 312 $593a
cath Muigi CobaLLecL. Gabála (Macalister) v 312 $593a
Iveagh Upper Upper Half
Parish in 1851
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