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Kinelarty, County Down


Ir. Cinéal Fhathartaigh Fathartach’s kindred'


The barony of Kinelarty is situated inland in mid-Down, with only a very short section of coastline along its southern limit at Dundrum Bay.  It is bounded on the east by the baronies of Lecale Lower and Upper, on the north-east by Castlereagh Upper, and on the west by Lower Iveagh, Lower Half and Upper IVeagh, Lower Half.  The name is derived from that of a population group which inhabited the territory: Cinéal Fhathartaigh 'Fathartach’s kindred' (recorded as Kenel Fagartay c. 1157).  The family of Mac Artáin now McCartan were the chieftains, and claimed descent from the Fathartach whose name is preserved in the barony name (EA 213).  There is a list of the townlands in Kinelarty in 1616 (CPR Jas I 355b).  The bounds of the barony as then established go from the Quoile/Annacloy river to Slieve Croob and from Lough Henney to Dundrum (see also the mid-17th-century Civil Survey x §70 Kinalearty and Dufferin, §72 Upper Iveagh, §73 Lower Iveagh; Strangford Lough p.116).


Muhr, Kay (2005): 'An Elizabethan map of north-east Down', Lecale Review no. 3, 10; with additons PT, 2012.

Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference

Clainne-Fogartaigh, toisech

1165AU ii 148

Cinaeth Mac Cartain taiseac Ceneil Fogartaigh

1178Miscell. Ann. 66 $2

Mac Artain uirrí Cenel Fhagartoigh

1375AFM iv 662

Mac Artáin dux Chineoil Fhoghartaigh

1530ALC 272

Cinél Fogartuigh, taoisech

1630cMart. Don. xxxii

Sárán mac Caolbhuidh ó bhfuil Mac Artáin

1633cCéitinn iv 25
Kenel Fagartay1157cNewry Char. (Flanagan)
Kenelfagarthay1157cNewry Char. (Mon. Ang.) 1134
Kynalarty1567Goghe's Map
McCarton''s country1571Fiants Eliz. $1736
Mackarton/ KINNALART1580cSE Ulster Map
McCartan''s country (in east of Iveaghe)1584Fiants Eliz. $4327
Kinalewrty1586Bagenal's Descr. Ulst. 151
Kinallerte1590Jobson's Ulster (BM)
MacCarten1590Dartmouth Map 6
Mackartan1595Mercator's Ire.
Mackartan/ Kinnalart1595Mercator's Ulst.
Kinalewarten1598Descr. Ire. 6,8
McCarta/ Kenneleroch1599Boazio's Map (BM)
Kinalewertie1601Bartlett Map (TCD)
KILWERTY/ McCarten1603Bartlett Maps (Esch. Co. Maps) 1
Killenarten/ Killinartie1605CPR Jas I 71b
Killenarten/ McCartan''s country1605CPR Jas I 74b
McCarten1610Speed's Ulster
Kinelawty / Kilwerty1610cNorden's Map
Killeneartan othw Kinalierty or McCartan''s co. [li1616CPR Jas I 355b Kinelarty
Killenearten/ McCartan''s country1617CPR Jas I 336b
territory of Killenarten1617CPR Jas I 337a
bar. Kilnalearty/ Killnalearty1655cCiv. Surv. x 72
bar. Kinalearty/ Killnalearty1655cCiv. Surv. x 73
Kinelearty1672cHib. Del.
Kineleartie1711Reg. Deeds abstracts i $448
Parish in 1851
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