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Ballyoran, County Armagh


Ir. Baile Uaráin [bala oorine] ‘townland of the spring or fountain’.


The origin of the name Ballyoran is clear, although the spring that gave rise to the name has not been found (Dict. Ulster PN).  Hamlet Obyns owned Ballywarren in 1661 (BSD p.51).  It seems that the townland name was gradually abandoned for the growing town, to be replaced with the name for the river crossing, Port an Dúnáin ‘landing place of the little fort’ which had already appeared as Portadowne on Speed’s map of Ulster in 1610.

The Belfast Newsletter index contains references both to Castle Obins and to the Obins lands in Ballyoran townland: In March and May 1766 oak, ash and elm timber was sold from Michael Obins property in Ballyoran, although it appears the woods extended to the River Bann.


Kay Muhr

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Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
B:uoran1609Esch. Co. Map 5.29
Ballivorran (Ballyworran)1610CPR Jas I 165a
Ballyuonan 2000a (Oneylan)1610Ulst. Plant. Paps. 21.223
the great proportion of Ballyworran1610CPR Jas I 165a
Ballnevoran 2,000a1618cPynnar's Sur. Ulster 212 $161
Ballevoran 2000a1622Sur. Arm. & Tyr. $7
Ballywarren al. Portadowne1635Inq. Ult. (Armagh) $22 Car. I
Ballywarren al. Ballyvarran 1 b''bo1639Inq. Ult. (Armagh) $35 Car. I
td Ballywaren1657Inq. Arm. (Paterson) 234
Balliorane1659Census 1659 37
Ballywarren1661BSD 51
Ballyoran1664HMR Murray (1941) 189
Ballyoran1835Cess Book (OSNB) E8
~Baile Fhuaráin ""tn of the cold spring/well""1835J O'D (OSNB) E8
~Baile an Bhorráin1989GÉ 11
~Baile Uaráin ""townland of the spring or fountain""1999Dict. Ulst. PN 17
Baile Uaráin ""townland of the spring or fountain""2002Culture NI PNN PMcK/JP
Oneilland West
Parish in 1851
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