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Agivey Parish, County Derry


Ir. Áth Géibhe [ah geyva] perhaps ‘ford of the fetter’.


Hamlet is 10.5km SSE of Coleraine

bar: Coleraine

The significance of the name may be something like ‘ford of the impasse/difficult ford’. The ford appears to have been over the AGIVEY RIVER which flows into the Lower Bann a short distance to the east. The last remnants of AGIVEY OLD CHURCH are in a graveyard in the townland of MULLAGHMORE, on the north bank of the AGIVEY RIVER, close to its intersection with the AGHADOWEY RIVER. Mullaghmore is adjoined on the south by the townland of LANDAGIVEY which derives from Ir. Lann Átha Géibhe ‘the church of Agivey’ [Athgeybi 1492].


McKay, P. (2007): A Dictionary of Ulster Place-Names, p. 2

Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Athgieve now Agivey1397Colton (Munn) 22
Athgeiby1492Annates Ulst. 204
Athgeybi1492Cal. Papal Letters xv 452
Aughevy1570?Bishop. Der. ii 509 $456
Athgeave (Grant)1607Munn's Notes 22
Athgieve1609Colton Vis. 75e, Inq.
Agcive1609cBp Montgomery Sur. (SAM 17) 47
Ageve (1611 Inquisition)1611Munn's Notes 22
Athgeve1613Lond. Comp. Valuation 305
Grange1613Lond. Comp. Valuation 305
Ageaue1622Phillips MSS (Maps) 148
Aghavie1622Fairs & Markets 94
Athgeaue1622Phillips MSS (Maps) 157
Aghevy al''s Faghevy1686Bishop. Der. ii 112 $279
Aghery al''s Faghery1692Bishop. Der. ii 135 $298
Agivey (Hugh Lecky)1800Reg. Deeds abstracts iii 151 $241
Figivee1814Sampson (Munn) 22
~Ath Geamha ""wintry ford""1830J O'D (OSNB) 93 B10
~Grainseach Ath Geamha ""the grain store of Winterf1830OSNB Inf. 93 B127
~Ath-Geama ""The wintry ford""1834OSNB (Munn) 22
Agh-heavy1925Hill's Plantation (Munn) 22, 443
Athgeave1925Hill's Plantation (Munn) 22, 443
Athgeve1925Hill's Plantation (Munn) 22, 443
~Achadh-bheithe ""The field of the birch""1925Munn's Notes 22
~Ath-gabhach ""The dangerous ford""1925Munn's Notes 22
~Ath-geamha ""The ford of the pool""1925Munn's Notes 22
~Ath-gubha ""The ford of the battle""1925Munn's Notes 22
~Faichilleach ""The place of the dues or earnings""1925Munn's Notes 22
Ath Géibhe ""ford of the fetter, i.e. impass, possi1991NIPNP posters Coleraine
~Áth Géibhe perhaps ""ford of the fetter""1999Dict. Ulst. PN 2
Parish in 1851
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