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Ardicoan, County Antrim


Ir. Ard an Chuain ‘height of the bay’


The element ard appears frequently in place names where it means ‘height’ as in Ard an Rátha ‘height of the fort’ (Ardara in Co. Donegal) or alternatively as the adjective ‘high’ as seen in Ardlios ‘high fort’ (Arliss in Co. Laois) ( The element aird ‘point or promontory’ is also a common element in place names and can be seen in Aird Uladh ‘peak or promontory of the Ulstermen’ (Ards, Co. Down). Given the inland location of this townland, we are most likely dealing with ard ‘height’, as proposed previously (NIPNP replies). The second element cuan bay most likely refers to Cushendun bay above which this townland is situated (OSNI).


Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Ardycooan1780Lendrick Map
Ardicoen1825cBnd. Sur. (OSNB) B.38
~Ard Ui Chuain ""O''Cowan''s height or hill""1832cJ O'D (OSNB) B38
Killvallagh, site of anct ch of this grange1887O'Laverty iv 528
Ard a'' Chuain1925cAntrim Notebooks 107
airdí cuain1925cAntrim Notebooks 107
~Ard Cuain ""Height of the Harbour""1934Magill's Antrim 64
/??rd ? x??n/1940Holmer, N.M. 1940
~Ard an Chuain1940Holmer, N.M. 1940
~Ard an Chuain ""height of the bay""2001NIPNP replies PMcK/AMacP
Glenarm Lower
Grange of Inispollan
Parish in 1851
Grange of Inispollan
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