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Cary, County Antrim




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Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference

Domnuch Cainri

700cTírechán 349

i Domnuch Cainre i Cothrugu

0775cTírechán (Bieler) 180 $13 Not

Domnuch Camri

0900cTrip. Life (Stokes) 162

hi Cothrugu, daChenn[fh]indán in

0900cTrip. Life (Stokes) 162

do Crotraighibh, do mharbhadh

1141AFM ii 1064

(?) o Crotraighibh

1166AU ii 152

Cachery, Mamym' and

1272CDI $929

Cachery, the land of Ocaynymery and

1272CDI $929

(?) Catheran, the vill of

1280cCDI $1782

(?) Monery and Carey

1567cMacDonnells Antrim 147
Catherick, Rent of1278CDI $1500
Catherich1279Cal. Inq. Post Mortem I, 63b
Cary, Manybery and1333EA 332
McWilliam (McQuillan)1570Fiants Eliz. $1530
Momerie and Carie, the Rowte1570Fiants Eliz. $1530
the Glynes with the Raughlines,1570Fiants Eliz. $1530
Cary1570cUlster Map 1570c
Cary1570cNorth Ulster Coast Map
Mowbray and Cary, the countries of1575cMacDonnells Antrim 417
Cary1586Bagenal's Descr. Ulst. 155
Cary1595Mercator's Ire.
Carey1599Boazio's Map (BM)
Cary1599cTreatise on Ire. (NLI) 110
Carye1599cTreatice of Ire. (Butler) 23
Carey (tough of)1603CPR Jas I 58a
Carry, the tough of1610LP 8 Jas I (PRONI)
Knock Cary1610Speed's Ulster
Carie, the Barony of Dunluce and1611PRONI D2977/3A/2 /1/2
Carie, barony of1625MacDonnells Antrim 441
Carey, barony of1637MacDonnells Antrim 150
Cary, barrony of1637MacDonnells Antrim 437
gCathraoi, i1638cSMMD II 42-3
dicta, & in Deconatu de Tuascheart1645Acta SS Colgan 455b
in regione Dalreidiae Cathrugia1645Acta SS Colgan 455b
Cat-rige est regio Dal-riediae1647Trias. Thaum. 182b
Cathrige, in regione1647Trias. Thaum. 182b
Cathrigiae, in regione etiam1647Trias. Thaum. 146b
quae Reuta vocatur1647Trias. Thaum. 182b
Carie1655Civ. Surv. x $60
Cary, Bar: of1655cMacDonnells Antrim 283-4
Carie, barony of1657cHib. Reg. Cary
Cary, The Barony of1657cDS (Par. Map) 58
Carey1659Census 1659 19
Carry and Kilconrie, Baronyes of1659Census 1659 10
Dunluce1659Census 1659 10
Cary, the island of Racklyn and1660CSP Ire. 70
the barony of1660CSP Ire. 70
Carie1661Court of Claims $923
Carie1661BSD 165
Cary, the Tough of1661Court of Claims $923
Carey1662MacDonnells Antrim 147
Cary, the Island of Rackins and1662cCSP Ire. 697
the barony of1662cCSP Ire. 697
Carie, the Tough of1663Decree of Innocence 437
Carre Barro.1663Lapsed Money Book 155
Cary, Barrony of1663Decree of Innocence 437
Cary, barony of1663CSP Ire. 338, 340
Cary1665CSP Ire. 686
Cary Barony1666HMR Ant. (1666) 111
Cary, barony of1666CSP Ire. 59, 67
Cary, ye barony of1668ASE 116a $19
Carey,1669HMR Ant. 1
Cary1672cHib. Del.
Carey1678PRONI D2977/3A/2 /10/1
Cary1681PRONI D2977/3A/2 /11/1
Cary1682PRONI D2977/3A/2 /1/5A
Cary1683MacDonnells Antrim 386
Cary1690Dan. Force 147
Cary, Carie1692PRONI D2977/3A/2 /24/1
Carie1696PRONI D2977/3A/2 /3/2A
Carie1696PRONI D2977/3A/2 /28/1
Carie1696PRONI D2977/3A/2 /14/1
Carie1696PRONI D2977/3A/2 /9/1
Carrie1696PRONI D2977/3A/2 /1/16
Cary1696PRONI D2977/3A/2 /1/13, 15
Cary, Carie1696PRONI D2977/3A/2 /24/1
Carie1711Ire. Map c.1711
Carey, Cary1722Reg. Deeds abstracts i $265
Cary1734Stewart's Survey
Cary1734Religious Survey
Carey1738MacDonnells Antrim 117
Kerry, Carey1740cMacDonnells Antrim 220
Carye i.e. Cathrugia1779Mon. Hib. 15
Carey1780Lendrick Map
Carey1782Sur. A.E.
Carey1812Dubourdieu Map
Carey1812Report Antrim Est.
Cary, The Barony Lordship or Manor1812PRONI D2977/3A/2 /1/40
of Ballycastle otherwise1812PRONI D2977/3A/2 /1/40
Carey1814Grants for the A.E.
Cathraighe, the name of an ancient1831J O'D (OSNB) B 24 B 37
tribe seated in this barony1831J O'D (OSNB) B 24 B 37
Caithrighe, the barony of1833O'Donovan (DPJ) 321
Cathraidhe1847Leabhar na g-Ceart (JOD) 171-2 n.r
Carraigh ""The rocky (place)""1905Ó Dubhthaigh 134
Cathair ríogh ""the seat of the1923Rev. Magill 11
King""; or Cathraighe ""the1923Rev. Magill 11
battling sept""1923Rev. Magill 11
Cathraighe ""Place of the Battling Sept""1934Magill's Antrim 77
Parish in 1851
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