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Coleraine, County Derry


Ir. Cúil Raithin [kool rahin] ‘corner/nook of ferns’.


Town is on the Lower Bann, 12km NW of Ballymoney

The town of Coleraine which is mainly east of the Lower Bann in the townland of COLERAINE AND SUBURBS contains the site of an early monastery which may be marked by the present Church of Ireland parish church. The latter dates from 1614, though much altered since then.

The portion of the town which is west of the river is divided between the townlands of WATERSIDE and CHURCHLAND in the parish of KILLOWEN. Coleraine was the original name of the county of Londonderry and has also given name to the baronies of COLERAINE and NORTH-EAST LIBERTIES OF COLERAINE [(cellola) Cuile Raithin c.630].


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Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Coulrane, b. (Cuilrathain)1591Colton Vis. 128G
Fir li, anciently1591Colton Vis. 129G
Machaire1591Colton Vis. 128G Colgan
Slu Donagh1591Colton Vis. 129G Speed
Slut Gorra1591Colton Vis. 128G Norden
Slutgore, north of Lemwady1591Colton Vis. 128G Speed
Sluth Donaghe''s contrey1591Colton Vis. 129G
the Maghre Sluthgorey1591Colton Vis. 128G
O''Cane''s and all other countries1600Fiants Eliz. $6376
O''Cane''s country1600Fiants Eliz. $6370
Colrane, castle of1602Fiants Eliz. $6687
Colrane, county of1602Fiants Eliz. $6687
the country of Kryue alias O Cahan''s country1602Fiants Eliz. $6687
Colrane [barony]1610Speed's Ulster
O Cane1610Speed's Ulster
Slu Donogh1610Speed's Ulster
Slu Tgore1610Speed's Ulster
Parish in 1851
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