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Ballyscullion Parish, County Derry, Antrim


Ir. Baile Uí Scoillín [bala ee skullyeen] ‘(O’)Scullion’s townland’.


Parish is 5km NE of Magherafelt

bar: Loughinsholin

The Scullions were medieval erenaghs or lay custodians of the parish’s church lands. The ruins of the medieval parish church lie in an overgrown graveyard on CHURCH ISLAND in Lough Beg, a widening of the Lower Bann a short distance north of Toome. A small portion of the parish, i.e. the townland of BALLYSCULLION EAST, lies opposite the townland of Ballyscullion West, east of the Bann in the barony of TOOME UPPERin Co. Antrim [Balle Oskullyn 1397].


Additional Information

(+B''scullion E. td. in Co. Ant.)

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Balle Oskullyn1397Colton Vis. 76
Balleoskullyn1397Colton Vis. 83
Ballinscollen al'' Inistide1397Colton Vis. 76k, Pat.
Inistede1397Colton Vis. 83h Inq.
Inistoide1397Colton Vis. 83h Inisfallen
Innse Toide (Inis-Toide < St. Toit)1397Colton Vis. 83h OClery cal
de Ynistayde1500Annates Ulst. 113
Inistedah1570?Bishop. Der. ii 509 $456
Ballynescallen otherwise Inistide1609CPR Jas I 376b
Ballynescullen otherwise Inistide1609CPR Jas I 377a
Ballinesciallin1609cBp Montgomery Sur. (SAM 17) 54
Inshida (Sti Tida1609cBp Montgomery Sur. (SAM 17) 54
Ballinscollin alias Inishtide1610Bishop. Der. i 57,62
Ballinescullin al''s Inishtide1611Bishop. Der. i 80
Ballinescollin1615CPR Jas I 280a
Ballinscollin al''s Inishtide1615Bishop. Der. i 103
Ballinscollin otherwise Inistide, the termon ...1615CPR Jas I 279a
Ballynesculline, R''c''oria de1617cBishop. Der. i 129
Ballinescullen1623CPR Jas I 567b
Ballineskullen1624cBishop. Der. i 146
Ballineskullin1624cBishop. Der. i 145
Ballinscollin al''s Inishtide, balliboe of termon/e1634Bishop. Der. ii 335 $428
Inishtide, balliboe of termon/erenagh land1634Bishop. Der. ii 335 $428
Balliskullan, Parish of1654Civ. Surv. iii 192
Balluskallen, Parish of1654Civ. Surv. iii 168
Balluskullan Parish1654Civ. Surv. iii 167
Belliostullen, the pish of1654Civ. Surv. iii 180
Balliscullen Parish1657cHib. Reg. Loughinsholin
Ballewskallan Parish1661BSDc 58
Ballyscullen1661Bishop. Der. i 326
Ballyscullen Parish1661BSDc 50
Balliskullion, The Parish of1663HMR (Ò Doibhlin 2) 66
Ballyscillin, parish of1664Bishop. Der. i 376
Ballyscullin, parish of1664Bishop. Der. i 377
Balliscullin1665cBishop. Der. i 398
Ballinescallin1666Bishop. Der. i 405
Inistida1666Bishop. Der. i 405
Balliscullin1668Bishop. Der. i 415
Ballineskullin1669Bishop. Der. i 425
Balliniscullen1669Bishop. Der. i 425
Ballinascullin1671Bishop. Der. ii 1
Ballinascullin, rectory1671Bishop. Der. ii 1 $206
Balliscullin1672cHib. Del. Derry
Balliscullin1672cHib. Del. Co.Londondery
~Innis Taoyde sive Baile Sguilin1675cTop. Frag. 83
Innis Taoyde sive Baile Sguilin (Sti Thydei)1680cTop. Frag. 83
Ballieskullins1681Bishop. Der. ii 48 $251
Balliscullen1681Bishop. Der. ii 46 $251
Ballyscullen1681Bishop. Der. ii 47 $251
Ballyneskullen1686Bishop. Der. ii 113 $279
Ballyneskullen, Rec'' de1686Bishop. Der. ii 113
Balliscullin1690cLamb Maps Derry
Ballinescullen1692Bishop. Der. ii 136
Ballinescullin1692Bishop. Der. ii 136 $298
Ballinescullin, S''te Tide1692Bishop. Der. ii 136
Inistedah1700cBishop. Der. ii 509
Ballyscullen1782Reg. Deeds abstracts ii 324 $658
Ballyscullin1784Reg. Deeds abstracts ii 342 $691
Ballyscuglin R.1813Sampson's Map
~Baile-Ui-Scoláin ""O''Scollan''s town""1913Joyce iii 118
~Baile-Scoilain ""Townland of the O''Scollans""1925Munn's Notes 56
Loughinsholin,Toome Upper
Parish in 1851
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