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Clonmacfelimy, County Fermanagh


Ir. Cluain Mhic Fhéilim “(Mac)Phelim’s meadow”


Clonmacfelimy lies in the south-western corner of the parish, approximately midway between the townland of Aghalurcher Glebe and the banks of Upper Lough Erne.


The modern version of the place-name with final –y  (which is documented only from 1817 onwards) suggests that the final element is Mac Féilimí (al. Mac Feidhlimidh) a surname which can be anglicised MacPhelimy, MacPhilemy etc. and is associated mainly with Co. Tyrone (MacLysaght 1985, 245).  However, assuming that the final –e of form 1 is silent, the 17th-century spellings lack evidence of the modern final syllable and it is more likely that we are dealing with Mac Féilim, a shortened version of the same surname which can be anglicised (Mac)Phelim (ibid).

The personal name Féilimí (<Feidhlimidh) from which the surname is derived was very popular in the early period throughout Gaelic Ireland and among the prominent bearers was Saint Féilimí of Aghalurcher (see parish introduction).  In the shortened form Feidhlim (>Féilim) the name remained popular in the later middle ages among several leading Irish families, including the Maguires of Fermanagh (Ó Corráin & Maguire 1981, 95).


(info. from McKay, P. (2004): Place-Names of Northern Ireland vol. 8 p. 42)

Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Clon mc Phelime1657c B113
Clun McFelem1659cCensus 1659 107
Clone mc Phelim1661BSDc
Clonell (E of Hollybrooke r., M~S~)1672cHib. Del. Fermanagh
Clonemc Phellim1680BSD (Ó Maolagáin) 529
Clonmacfelemy1817GJM M'stephana (OSNB) B113
Clenmacphelamy1824HC Sur.& Val.(OSNB) B113
Clanmacfellimy1830cBnd. Sur. (OSNB) B113
~Cluan Mac Fedhlimidh ""lawn of the son of Felim""1834cJ O'D (OSNB) B113
Clonmacfelimy1862Griffith's Val.
Parish in 1851
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