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Mullaghmakervy, County Fermanagh


Ir. Mullach Mhic Cearrbhaigh “MacKervey’s hilltop”


Mullaghmakervy is situated about two miles west of Maguiresbridge.

Many of the 17th-century spellings show evidence of corruption.  For example, in BallyMcKerry (1639) the initial element has been written as Bally- rather than as Mullagh-,while the second –r- is clearly a mistranscription of –v-, an error which is duplicated in MullaghmcGarry (1668), where –C- has been mistranscribed as G-.  The obviously corrupt form Mullihimcgarti (1672c) has been roughly duplicated in subsequent forms.  In spite of these scribal inaccuracies, the derivation of Mullaghmakervy is clearly Mullach Mhic Cearrbhaigh “MacKervey’s hilltop”.  The surname Mac Cearrbhaigh “MacKervey” which probably signifies “son of cearrbhach or ‘gambler’” is indigenous to Fermanagh (MacLysaght1985, 178).  Livingstone (1969, 439) includes Mac Cearrbhaigh in his list of “Fermanagh families” and suggests that they may be a minor branch of the ruling family of Maguire, remarking (rather cautiously) that “they may have given their name to Mullaghmakervy in Aghalurcher”.  O’Donovan has mistakenly suggested that the derivation of “Mackarvey” (i.e.MacKervey) is Mac Airbhe.

As in the case of the previous townland of Mullaghkippin, an unsuccessful attempt was made in 1675 to change the name of the townland from an Irish to an English one, in this case from Mullaghmakervy to Kingsfield.  King is a prominent planter surname in this area and is discussed under Kingstown above.

The greater part of the townland is dominated by a 70m.-high elevation.


(info. from McKay, P. (2004): Place-Names of Northern Ireland vol. 8 p. 153)

Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
(?)Mullaghferny al. Mullaghkerny1639Inq. Ult. (Fermanagh) $48 Car.I
Mullihy McGarty1661BSDc
Mullachmagerne (tate, claimed by R Netterville)1662cCourt of Claims $412
Mullaghcarvy1668ASE 170 b $36
MullaghmcGarry1668ASE 152 a $32
MullaghymcCarty (to be called Kingsfield)1675ASE 231 b $42
(?)Mullihy mcGarty1680BSD (Ó Maolag√°in) 534
Mullaghmakarvy1748Reg. Free. Fer. 22
Mullymakervey1817GJM M'stephana (OSNB) B62
Mullaghmakervy1824HC Sur.& Val.(OSNB) B62
Mullaghmakervy1830cBnd. Sur. (OSNB) B62
~Mullach Mac Airbhe ""Mackarvey Summit""1834cJ O'D (OSNB) B62
Mullaghmakervy1862Griffith's Val.
Parish in 1851
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