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Corraglass West, County Fermanagh


perhaps Ir. Corra Glas ‘green weir’ + E.West


According to the form assigned to John O’Donovan, the first element of this place-name is corra ‘weir’, and while there are no weirs marked on the OSNI 6” historical map series, both the northern and western boundaries of the townland are marked by rivers, which means corra remains possible. Note also that corra can also be interpreted as ‘stone-fence’ or as ‘ford’ ( Further evidence for the element corra is its Anglicisation to Corry- elsewhere in Ireland (c.f. An Chora ‘Corry’ in Co. Galway and). The OSM forms Corryglass (1834) might then mirror this Anglicisation path, or we might be sealing with a dative form as is seen in An Choraidh, also anglicised‘Corry’ in Co. Monaghan (

The qualifying element of corra might be glas ‘green’ as proposed previously in the JOD form. Also possible is the element glas ‘stream’, which appears to be more appropriate as a qualifier of corra ‘weir’ on semantic grounds. The form Corra Glaise ‘weir of the stream’ then might also be possible.

We should also consider the element corr which means a ‘projection’ of some kind or other, or a ‘pointed hill’ (Flanagan & Flanagan 1994, 61). In some cases, the meaning of corr can be extended to include ‘round hill’ or ‘hollow’ ( This being correct, the medial syllable might be attributed to the definite article in Corr na Glaise ‘round hill/projection/hollow of the stream’ (the adjectival element glas ‘green’ would then be excluded in the assumption that the second element is introduced by the article).

We might alternatively attribute this medial syllable to the plural of corr, corra in either Corra Glasa ‘green hills’ or Corra Glaise ‘hills of the stream’ or Corra Glas ‘hills of the streams’. Note the Co. Kerry townlands of Curraglass North (Corra Glasa Thuaidh)and Curraglass South(Corra Glasa Theas) which are presumably interpreted as‘green hills’. The townland name of Curraglass is also explained as Cora Ghlas ‘the green weir; in Cos Cork, Kerry and Galway and as Currach Glas ‘green marsh’ in two Co. Cork townlands.

The paucity of historical forms of this name means it is difficult to confirm its origin. However, the morphological evidence outlined above, the presence of a river in the townland, and the prevalence of cora as the origin of both corra and corry elsewhere, point towards the analysis provided in the JOD form, Corra Glas ‘green weir’.

There is another townland in the parish of Cleenish named Corraglass, although the two are not contiguous.



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~Corra Glas ""green weir""1834J O'D (OSNB) B128 B54
Parish in 1851
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