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Derryvullan, County Fermanagh


Ir. Doire Mhaoláin 'Maolán's oak-wood'


The appearance of -v- in the anglicised form of this name indicates that doire 'oak-wood' seems to have been treated as feminine, although this is not uncommon in Fermanagh (see also Derryveone from Doire Mheáin 'oakwood of the middle' in the same parish).

This is also the name of the parish, and what might be potentially the parish church appears on the OS 6" map of 1832. By the time of the second map (1846), and subsequent versions of the map the site is indicated to exist as 'Church Ruins'. According to the Northern Ireland SItes and Monuments Record, the early history of the site is obscure, but various sources indicate that it was a medieval parish church and possibly also a pre-Norman site. In 1776, the church was rebuilt & it is the ruin of this church which now stands in the graveyard (NISMR).


Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Deyridmelan (deanery de Loghermy)1306cEccles. Tax. (CDI) 212
Derweelan al. Derimuailain, ecc. do Cluainesse...e1395cReg. Clogher 378 n.14
persun 7 oirchinnech Daire Maelain (M Ua Banain)1420AU iii 86
Daeremaylan, par. ecclesie Sancti Tigernachi de1421Annates Ulst. 28
oirchinnech na hArda 7 Trin Airigh Maelain (O Luin1441AU iii 148
persún Airigh Maolain clereach toghaidhe1441AFM iv 922
ard airchindeach Airigh Mhaoláin [OBreslin]1447AFM iv 954
ardairchinnech Airigh Mhaelain [O''Breslin brehon]1447AU iii 160
a nDaire Maela[i]n fein [scoffers destr ""by Tig""1484AU iii 288
re heaglus Tighernaigh .i. [D]aire Maela[i]n1484AU iii 288
Nyremaelan, par. ecclesie Sancti Tigernaci de1492Annates Ulst. 42
oirchinnech ar trian Daire Mhaelan, breithim Meg U1495AU iii 394
persan Daire Maela[i]n 7 airchindech Clain-indsi1495AU iii 386
O Bana[i]n .i. Nicolas Airigh Maelain d''heg..ina b1500AU iii 444
O Banan .i. Niclas Airigh Maelain d''heg in bhicair1500AU iii 444
persun a nDaire Mhaelain [+canonClogher+priorLDerg1504AU iii 466
Ayrtmaelan, parrochialis ecclesie SanctiTigeratii1506Annates Ulst. 44
(?)c clamre + ch (by Erne, S not N of Fyagh)1609Esch. Co. Map 8 T''Kennedy
Derrimoillan, the 4 & half qrs of1609CPR Jas I 384a
Derrimoylan parish in Tircannada 1/2 barony1609CPR Jas I 383b
Derrymoylan, parson of (half tithes B''varral &F''ar1609CPR Jas I 384ab
Dirrimoylan par.. Tircannada 8 b''bets & 1 & half q1609CPR Jas I 384a
Dirrymoylan 1 & 3rd tate (Gortgunon Robt Calvert)1612?CPR Jas I 211b July yr 9
rectory of Derryvoylan (to be held by Archdcn Clog1620?CPR Jas I 512b July yr 17
Derrivollan1659Census 1659 113
Derryvollan1659Census 1659 114
Derrimullin (tate, claimed by R Netterville)1662cCourt of Claims $412
~Doire Maolain1834J O'D (OSNB) B53 B72
~Doire Mhaoláin ""Mullan''s oak wood""1834OSNB Inf. B53 B72
Derryvoland1834cOSM xiv 39
Derryvulland1834cOSM xiv 39
Derryvolan1835cOSM xiv 31
Derryvooland1835cOSM xiv 31
Derryvoylan1835cOSM xiv 31
Derryvullan Lough Eise Castle Coole lough Derryvul1835cOSM xiv 40
Derryvullan Parish 78 tds, 10 islands1835cOSM xiv 31
Derryvullan Parish limestone, sandstone & a specie1835cOSM xiv 33
Derryvullan diocese of Clogher1835cOSM xiv 44
Derryvullan hills of Mountdrum Cavanacross & Derry1835cOSM xiv 40
Derryvullan td ch1835cOSM xiv 40
Derryvullen1835cOSM xiv 31
Tamlagh Derryvullan td sch1835cOSM xiv 43
?Aireadh-Muilt-thought to be ident. with Aireach M1919Lowry-Corry, Fermanagh church sites 45
Daire Maoláin ""Maolán''s oakwood""2002HMC replies HMCdec02
Parish in 1851
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