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Derrykintone, County Tyrone


Of uncertain origin


The first element of this place-name is doire ‘oak-wood’ the most well-known example of which is the county name Derry. The second element of this name appears to consist itself of more than one element. The first, kin- initially appears to derive from ceann ‘head’ although the early forms Dirriecrantohan (1613) and Derycrantone (1661) indicate that this element was probably originally crann ‘tree’, which is appropriate given the origin of the first element as doire ‘oak-wood’. For the final element, one possibility is tóin which might appear in the form Doire Crann Tóin ‘oak-wood of the tree of the bottom’, the interpretation of which is difficult to predict and therefore an unlikely original form. Analysis of the earliest forms Dirrecrantohan (1613), Dirriccantohan (1655c) and Derrerantahan alias Derrecrantahan (1660), however, indicates that this final element might have originally been bisyllabic and has since been reduced to monosyllabic -tone (as is seen in the modern form). If this is the case then the original qualifying element of crann ‘tree’ might have been tamhan (gen. tamhain) ‘a block, stump or stock, the trunk or stool of a tree’ in the form Doire Crann Tamhain ‘oak-wood of the tree of the stump’. Another possibility is the element toghán ‘an animal of the pole-cat family, a marten’. Interestingly, this creature is otherwise connected to the element crann as another term for the same creature is madadh crainn ‘tree-dog’ or crann-chú na coille ‘tree-dog of the wood’ (Dinneen). The original form might therefore be Doire Crann Togháin ‘oak-wood of the marten-tree’.



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Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Dirriecrantohan1613CPR Jas I 262a
Dirriccantohan b''bo1655cCiv. Surv. iii 285
Derrerantahan alias Derrecrantahan1660ASE 107
Derycrantone1661Inq. Ult. (Tyrone) $3 Car. II
(?)Derricontone1702Vestry Bk Aghalow I 10
Derrykintone1709Vestry Bk Aghalow II 12
Derrygantone1744Vestry Bk Aghalow VI 27
Derrykentone1780Vestry Bk Aghalow x 48
Derrycantone1790Vestry Bk Aghalow XIII 57
Dirikentone1791Vestry Bk Aghalow XIII 58
~Doire Cinn Tamhain ''Oak Wood of the Head or Hill 1833cJ O'D (OSNB) NB 128;D52
Derrykintone (x 3, prop. Earl of Caledon)1834cOSNB: gen. sources NB 128;D52
~doire cuin tamhain ''Wood of the hill of the tree 1920cTNCT 36
Dungannon Lower
Parish in 1851
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