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Pomeroy, County Tyrone



Village is 13km NW of Dungannon

bar: Dungannon Middle

POMEROY HOUSE was built c.1780 by James Lowry. No trace of the house remains but the site is marked by POMEROY FORESTRY SCHOOL a short distance east of the village. The origin of the name of the house is uncertain. It may derive from F. pommeraie ‘apple orchard’. It has also been suggested that Pomeroy may derive from F. Pomme de Roi (literally ‘apple of the king’) and have its origin in a grant of the district from James I to Sir William Parsons, Deputy Surveyor General of Ireland in 1619. Another tradition suggests that Pomeroy derives its name from the gift of apples by a local woman to William III in 1690, hence pommes au roi ‘apples for the king’. Pomeroy is also recorded as an English surname of Norman origin but is not attested in this part of Ireland. The village of Pomeroy is in the townland of CAVANAKEERAN while the townland of Pomeroy, most of which is in the neighbouring parish of DESERTCREAT, lies a short distance to the east. The parish of Pomeroy was formed out of the neighbouring parish of Donaghmore in 1775 [Pomeroy Demesne c.1834].


McKay, P. (2007): A Dictionary of Ulster Place-Names, p. 120

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Dungannon Middle
Parish in 1851
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