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Aughlish, County Tyrone


perhaps Ir. Achadh Loiscthe ‘burnt field’


The linguistic evidence clearly points to the derivation of this name being achadh loiscthe ‘burnt field’ which variously appears in the anglicised forms Aghalusky (Offaly, Mayo), Ahalisky (Cork) and Aghalisk (Monaghan) ( 

This townland represents one of five Ulster townlands named Aughlish, the others are in Cos Armagh, Derry and Tyrone and the name is not attested outside the province. The name has also been understood as deriving from Eachlaisc 'a horse stable’,

Note that at some point, the townland was split, indicated by The two Aghloskes (1608), and a number of historical forms that feature the suffixes mór ‘big great’ and beag ‘small’.



Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Aghloske1609Esch. Co. Map 11 pt Dunganon
Aghloske 1 bal created the manor of Aghloske1610CPR Jas I 187a
Aghloske1611OSNB: gen. sources 7
Aghloske1611CPR Jas I 187a
Aghloske1611CPR Jas I 187a
Aghlasks1614Inq. Ult. (Tyrone) $2 Jac I
Aghlasks1614Inq. Ult. (Down) $2 Jas 1
The two Aghloskes1618CPR Jas I 392b
The two Aghloskes 1 bal, Dromreny & Moighdrom repu1618CPR Jas I 392b
Aghlostbegg1619Inq. Ult. (Down) $4 Jas 1
Aghlostbegg1619Inq. Ult. (Tyrone) $4 Jac I
Aghlostmore1619Inq. Ult. (Down) $4 Jas 1
Aghlostmore1619Inq. Ult. (Tyrone) $4 Jac I
Aghlokbeg, Aghloskmore b''bos1621CPR Jas I 536a
Aghloskbeg1621CPR Jas I 536a
Aghloskbeg1621CPR Jas I 536a
Aghloskmore1621CPR Jas I 536a
Aghloskmore1621CPR Jas I 536a
Achlasge1655cCiv. Surv. iii 278
Achlasge1655cCiv. Surv. 278
Aghlasge1661BSD 201
Aghlasge1661BSD 201
Aghlish1666HMR Tyr. (2) 241
Aghlish1666HMR Tyr. (2) 241
Aghlish1834cTythes Applot. (OSNB) 7
Aughlish1834cOSNB: gen. sources 7
~-eaglais/A Church1834cOSNB: gen. sources 7
~Agh/a Field1834cOSNB: gen. sources 7
~Achadh Loiste/Burned (sic) Field1835cJ O'D (OSNB) 7
Each-laisc1913Joyce iii 19b
~Each laisc ""a stable for horses""1936TNCT 38
Dungannon Middle
Parish in 1851
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