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Lisnaragh Irish, County Tyrone


perhaps Ir. Lios na Ráth 'enclosure of the forts' + E. Irish


John O'Donovan's suggested form for this townland name, Lios na Ráth 'enclosure of the forts' might at first seem tautological, but a similar name Lissaraw ' Lios an Rátha ‘enclosure of the fort’ is attested in Co. Armagh, and it is not uncommon to see names with similar meanings together in place-names. Both lios and ráth, for the most part, refer to the same type of settlement unit (i.e. a ring fort). Although their distribution is subject to a certain amount of regional variation, at some point in time, there would have been clear differences between the references of the two terms (Flanagan 1980-1, 16).


There are two fort-sites in the townland of Lisnaragh Irish, and the two most likely made up one larger townland, with the English language appendages Irish and Scotch first appearing in the 19th century (1830) alongside Irish language equivalents Lios earach halban/eireannach. These forms should also be given due consideration, and a possible original form, the suggested Lios Earach '?dark fort'.


The elements Scotch and Irish are appended to existing place-names (usually of Irish origin) to distinguish the townland with Scottish inhabitants from townlands with Irish inhabitants


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