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Clogher, County Tyrone


Ir. Clochar [klogher] ‘stony place’.


Village is 22.5km SSE of Omagh

The place-name appears to have originally referred to the ruins of a Later Bronze Age stone ring-ditch which appears to have been reconstructed in the sixth century and was known as ‘Clochar mac nDaimhíne ‘stony place (fort?) of the sons of Daimhíne’, the latter being a king of Airghialla, an early Irish kingdom of which Clogher was the capital. Clogher is also the site of an early monastery which appears to be marked by the present Church of Ireland cathedral, the head-church of the diocese of Clogher. The village of Clogher is partly in the townland of CLOGHER DEMESNE and partly in CLOGHER TENEMENTS[(abb) Clochair mic nDaimhine 765].


McKay, P. (2007): A Dictionary of Ulster Place-Names, p. 43

Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Cenel Feradaig, eter cenel Mc Erca 7 (B Lethirbe)0629AU (Mac Airt) 116
ri Fer Leamhna, Garbith m. Lorcain0951AU (Mac Airt) 396
do ríg Lemna 7 Hua Creamthaind 7 Síl Duibthíri1050cLebor na Cert 78 l.1144
toisech Ceniuil Feradhaigh, Uidhrin m. Maelmuire1082AU (Mac Airt) 516
toisech Ceniuil Feradhaigh, Echmarcach m. Uidhrein1120AU (Mac Airt) 564
toisech Ceniuil Feradhaigh, GillaCrist m.m. Uidhri1129AU (Mac Airt) 576
epscop Arda Macha & Ceníuil Feradhaigh [OMuiredaig1185AU ii 204
righthoisech Ceneoil Fearadhaigh, GC m Cathmail1185AU ii 204
Mullaghslewlaarge1397Colton Vis. 127G Inq IJacI
Quoyllykenaght1397Colton Vis. 127G Inq IJacI
Cenel Feradhaigh do losccadh (O''Donnell in Tyrone)1516AFM v 1334
ar creich a Cinel Feradhaich 7 creach mór.. o''n tí1535AU iii 598
baronie of Clochare1591Colton Vis. 126G
Cormocke mac Baron''s Country1602AFM vi 2322n Docwra
Coolkenagh1641-Colton Vis. 127G Ir.J.
Slieve Largy1641-Colton Vis. 127G Ir.J.
The Barony of Clogher is of moderate extent1834cOSNB: gen. sources 128:No.12
Kinel-Farry now included in the barony of Clogher1856AFM v 1334n
Parish in 1851
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