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Barons Court, County Tyrone



(sometimes Baronscourt)

4.5km SW of Newtownstewart

par: Ardstraw bar: Strabane Lower

Barons Court is named from the Georgian mansion which stands in the middle of the townland. It was originally built between 1779 and 1781 by James Hamilton, 8th Earl of Abercorn, whose ancestor, the 1st Earl (also named James Hamilton) from Renfrewshire in Scotland was granted land around Strabane during the Plantation of Ulster. The Hamiltons named the lakes in their estate LOUGH CATHERINE, LOUGH FANNY and LOUGH MARYand the nearby mountains Bessy Bell and MARY GRAY. The original name of the townland of Barons Court was Derrywoone, from Ir. Doire Eoghain [dirra owen] ‘Owen’s oak-wood’ [Baronscourt demesne 1831].


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Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
14 miles south of Baron''s-Court near Pettigoe 1795Abercorn Geb. 193
Baron''s court or Coote hill (a quiet walk)(Coote)1747-Abercorn Geb. 22 $13
road from the gate at Baron''s Court to: David Drew1750Abercorn Geb. 29 $16
Baronscourt1777Taylor & Skinner 36b
Baron''s Court1802Stat. Sur. Tyr. (OSNB) C31 Bk 3
Baronscourt1831OSM v 2
Baronscourt, (Marq Abercorn)1831OSM v 10
Baronscourt, fort1831OSM v 12
Baronscourt,ctle McHugh1831OSM v 11
Baronscourt,plts,1831OSM v 14
Baronscourt,sch1831OSM v 13
(Baron''s court) along the West foot of Bessy Bell1833OSNB: gen. sources C31 Bk 3
Baron''s court the Seat of the Marques of Abercorn1833OSNB: gen. sources C31 Bk 3
""Ancient name not known""1968Ardstraw Geb. 50
~Doire Eoghain ""Owen''s oak-wood""1999Dict. Ulst. PN 20
Strabane Lower
Parish in 1851
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