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Aghanloo Parish, County Derry


Ir. Áth Lú [ah loo] ‘’s ford’.


Hamlet is 4km N of Limavady

bar: Keenaght

(earlier Lug)is the name of a Celtic god (usually described as Lú Lámhfhada of the long arm’) and is also an early Irish personal name. The hamlet of Aghanloo is in the townland of BALLYCASTLE while the remains of the former parish church are 1km to the north in the townland of RATHFAD near the present Church of Ireland parish church [Athlouge 1397].


McKay, P. (2007): A Dictionary of Ulster Place-Names, p. 2

Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
(?)Roo1306cEccles. Tax. (CDI) 215
Allowa1397Colton Vis. 78r, Inq.
Ath-luga1397Colton Vis. 78r ODonnellus
Athlouge1397Colton Vis. 78
Balneytemple, balliboe of Aghanloo1397Colton Vis. 78r, Inq.
Rinfaddy, balliboe of Aghanloo1397Colton Vis. 78r, Inq.
Aghalow1477cReg. Sixt. IV (Annates)
Aughulow1570?Bishop. Der. ii 509 $456
Aghlowe1609-Bishop. Der. i 79
Aghlow (St Tuggei [Tuggins])1609cBp Montgomery Sur. (SAM 17) 49
Aghlow1610Bishop. Der. i 58
Aghlowe1610Bishop. Der. i 63
Aghlow1615CPR Jas I 279b
Aghlowe1615CPR Jas I 280a
Aghlowe1615Bishop. Der. i 104,110-112
Hanlowe1616Inq. Ult. (Derry) $5 Jac. I
Aghlowe1617cBishop. Der. i 128
Allowa1618CPR Jas I 378b
(?)Athlow1622Phillips MSS (Maps) 154
Aghlow1634Bishop. Der. ii 338 $428
Bally Shannoigh, balliboe of Aghlow1634Bishop. Der. ii 338 $428
Ballymannough, balliboe of Aghlow1634Bishop. Der. ii 338 $428
Cooleaghy, balliboe of Aghlow1634Bishop. Der. ii 338 $428
Athlow1654Civ. Surv. iii 201,203,204
Athlow1654Civ. Surv. iii 197
Athlowe1654Civ. Surv. iii 215
Aulow1657Bishop. Der. i 269
Anlow1659cCensus 1659 130
Aghanlow1661Bishop. Der. i 327
Athlow1661Bishop. Der. i 327
Ahanlow1663HMR (Ò Doibhlin 2) 53
Aghlogh1664Bishop. Der. i 378
Aghlow1666Bishop. Der. i 463
Ainglow1668Bishop. Der. i 414
Aghanlow1669Bishop. Der. i 424
Aghanlowe, rectory1671Bishop. Der. ii 1$206
Aghanlow1686Bishop. Der. ii 110 $279
Aghanlow1692Bishop. Der. ii 133 $298
Aghanlow1693Inq. Ult. (Derry) $1 Gul. & Mar.
Aghanlow1703Bishop. Der. ii 479 $437
Aghenlow1799Reg. Deeds abstracts iii 129 $213
Aghanloo (ownership of parish: all by Marquis of W1833OSM xi 11
Aghanloo1834OSM xi 37, 38, 39
Aghanloo1835OSM xi 16,17,
Aghanloo1835OSM xi 18,19,26
Aghanloo (9 lime kilns)1835OSM xi 15
Aghanloo (flooding of Roe)1835OSM xi 18, 22
Aghanloo (general social info)1835OSM xi 9-11,13-14
Aghanloo (grave of topographer Rev. G. V.Sampson)1835OSM xi 8
Aghanloo (history/meaning of name)1835OSM xi 7, 8
Aghanloo (new church: 1823)1835OSM xi 21,23
Aghlowe (from Valor beneficiorum)1835OSM xi 7
Aughenloo1835OSM xi 28
border extends across Roe b/c of new River course1835OSM xi 12
(?)Ath-luga1839?McSkim. Carrick.(1839) 78
Allowa1839?McSkim. Carrick.(1839) 78
~Athan Lugha ""Lewy''s little ford""1869Joyce i 357
~Áth Lú1989GÉ 173
~Áth Lú ""Lú''s ford""1999Dict. Ulst. PN 2
Parish in 1851
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