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Ballyclaverty, County Antrim


Ir. Baile Mhic Laibheartaigh ‘MacLaverty’s townland’


The name of the townland of Ballyclaverty is recorded as Ballyclaverty in 1669 and as B:claverty in 1780 and the derivation of the place-name is clearly Baile Mhic Laibheartaigh ‘MacLaverty’s townland’. Mac Laibheartaigh is a standardised Irish spelling of the surname Mac Fhlaithbheartaigh which, according to MacLysaght (1985, 190), is ‘an Ulster name probably akin to the Donegal/Tyrone surname Ó (Fh)laithbheartaigh ‘O’Laverty’’. Bell (1988, 117) informs us that the surname Laverty is ‘an exclusively Ulster name but is found mainly in Co. Antrim. Most of the name will be originally MacLavertys, a sept of Clan Donald  .’Black (1946 535) states that the Scottish MacLavertys of Clan Donald who are sometimes claimed to be named from a progenitor called Fear Labhairt an Righ or ‘the King’s speaker’ in fact  ‘in fact derive their surname from Gaelic Mac Fhlaithbheartaich ‘son of the dominion bearing’ or ‘ruler’, a surname which is clearly akin to the Irish surname Ó (Fh)laithbheartaigh ‘(O’)Laverty’. In the case of the townland of Ballyclaverty it seems likely that we are dealing with the Scottish surname MacLaverty.


Pat McKay

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Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Ballyclaverty1669HMR Ant. 130
B:claverty1780Lendrick Map
~Baile Mic Flaithbheartaigh ""MacLaverty''s town""1832cJ O'D (OSNB) A2
Baile-mhic-Laithbheartaigh ""MacLaverty''s or Lavert1913Joyce iii 76
Antrim Upper
Parish in 1851
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