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Ardtrea, County Tyrone


Ir. Ard Tré [ard trey] ‘Tré’s height’.


(usually Ardtrea)

Hamlet is 4.5km ESE of Cookstown

bar: Dungannon Upper

Artrea takes its name from the virgin saint Tré who is referred to as Trea ingen Chairthind Tré daughter of Cáirtheann’ in c.830AD and whose feast day was celebrated on August 3rd. A large portion of the parish of Artrea lies in the neighbouring barony of LOUGHINSHOLIN in Co. Derry [(airchindeach) Arda Trea 1127].


McKay, P. (2007): A Dictionary of Ulster Place-Names, p. 8

Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
~Aird Trea, Trea0830cMart. Tal. Jul 8 p54
~Airde-Trea, aircinnech1127AU ii 116
~Arda Trea, airchindeach1127AFM ii 1026
Ardetrea1306Eccles. Tax. 202
Ardtraa1455Reg. Mey 333
Ardcrea1460Reg. Swayne 203
Ardcrea, rect. of1460Reg. Swayne 203
Artre1500cReg. Swayne 103
Artrea, Rector of1544Reg. Dowdall $106 228
Artra, Rect. de1544cReg. Dowdall $128 95
Ardtra1608Sur. Ulst. 153
Artra1609Inq. Ult. (Tyrone) app.II, c.2,4
Ardtra1610Speed's Ulster
Ardtra1614Inqs Tullaghoge (Ó Doibhlin) 175
Ardra1615CPR Jas I 274b
Ardtra1615CPR Jas I 274b
Artra1615CPR Jas I 274a
(?)Ardheha1615cPapal Bull (Ó Doibhlin) 162
(?)Ardhena1615cPapal Bull (Ó Doibhlin) 162
Ardtra1618CPR Jas I 376a
Artra1618CPR Jas I 375b
Ardtra1620CPR Jas I 478b,479a
Ardtra1620cRent Roll (Ó Doibhlin) 181
Artra1620cRent Roll (Ó Doibhlin) 180
Artray, The Church Lands of1622Phillips MSS (Maps) Plate 26
Artrah1624cBishop. Der. i 145,146
~Trea, ógh1630cMart. Don. July 8 p190
~Trea, ógh1630cMart. Don. July 8 p190
~ó Ard Trea1630cMart. Don. Aug 3 p210
~ó Ard Trea1630cMart. Don. Aug 5 p210
Artra1633Inq. Ult. (Tyrone) $40 Car. I
Artrea1654Civ. Surv. iii 167
Artrea1654Civ. Surv. iii 171,172,191
Artrea1655cCiv. Surv. pp.296,297
Artrea1655cCiv. Surv. pp.247,248,250,
Artra1659cCensus 1659 138
Ardtragh1663HMR (Ò Doibhlin 2) 72
Artrea1664HMR Tyr. (1) 3
Aerdetreoe als Arde alias Ballinderry1703Forfeit. Estates 371b $11
Ardtray1814Sampson (Munn) 27
~Ard Trea ""St Trea''s height or hill""1830J O'D (OSNB) D15 B29
~Ard-trega ""The height or hill of St. Trega/Trea""1910?Onom. Goed. (Munn) 26, 48
~Ard-trega ""The height or hill of St, Trega/Trea"" 1925Munn's Notes 26, 1127
~Ard-trega ""The height or hill of St. Trega/Trea""1925Joyce (Munn) 26, 3. 48
Artre1935Reg. Swayne (EOD 161)
~ard Treagha ""Height of St.Treagha"" who founded ch1936TNCT 21
Ard Tré ""Tré''s height""2002PNP talk PMcK/Omagh DC
Dungannon Upper
Parish in 1851
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