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Kilroot Parish, County Antrim


Ir. Cill Ruaidh [kill rooee] ‘church of the red land’.


Townland is 2.5km NE of Carrickfergus

bar: BelfastLower

The site of the ancient church is marked by the remains of a 17th-century house and bawn known as BISHOP’S HOUSE[(Colman) Cilli Ruaid c.830].


Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
~Cill Ruaidh, co rangadur1122AU (Mac Airt) 566
~co Cill Ruaidh ind Ulltoiph1122AFM ii 1014
~Cille Rúaidh i nDál Araidhe, for brú Locha Laigh,1170cMart. Gorm. Oct 16n p196
~co cill ____1198AFM iii 114
~(?)co Cill...i lLatharnu1199AU ii 230
Kylroth1256EA 258
Kilrothe, Rector ecclesie de1306Eccles. Tax. 58
Kilroth, St Colman of1380EA 60,259
~Cilli Ruaid i nDal Araide, espcop1453Fél. Óeng. Oct 16n p224
Kilruid1506Annates Ulst. 133
Kylruid1506Annates Ulst. 133
Kelrut1595Mercator's Ulst.
Mullaghkillroe1603CPR Jas I 7a
Mullaghkilrowle1603CPR Jas I 7a
Killreigh1605Inq. Ant. (DK) 49
Killroyegh1605Inq. Ant. (DK) 50
Kilreigh1605Inq. Ant. (DK) 48
Killroe1608CPR Jas I 125b
Kilroeigh1608CPR Jas I 122a
Kilroigh, Prebenda de1609Jas I to Connor Cath. 263
Killroote1615Terrier (Reeves) 107
Killroute1615CPR Jas I 278a
Killroote al. Killraig1616EA 259
Kilbroiegh1621Annates Ulst. 141
Killroiegh1621CPR Jas I 524a
Killroigh1621CPR Jas I 524ab
Kilroigh1621CPR Jas I 524b
Kilroute1621CPR Jas I 524b
Kilrowte1621CPR Jas I 524a
Killrout, Mannor of1622EA 260
~Cille ruaidh i nDal Araidhe, Colmán, epscop1630cMart. Don. Oct 16 p276
Kill-ruaidh1640cMon. Hib. 16
Killread1640cMon. Hib. 16
Kellruaidh1643Acta SS (Bolland.) i 665
Kell-ruaid1650cEA 246
Killrout1657cHib. Reg. Belfast
Kilroote Parish1657cHib. Reg. Belfast
Kilroote of ye same divission1659cCensus 1659 9
Kilroote Parish1669HMR Ant. 40
Killrout1672cHib. Del. Antrim
Kill-ruaidh which the English call Kill-read1700cMacCana's Itinerary 59
Killroot1780Lendrick Map
Kilroot P.1780Lendrick Map
Kill-Ruaidh1786Mon. Hib. 15
Kill-Ruaidh1786Mon. Hib. 15
Kilruaidh1786Mon. Hib. 15
~Cill Ruaidh ""church of the red-haired person""1827J O'D (OSNB) A19
>~rivulus Celle-ruaidh1847EA 246
Ceall-ruaidh1847EA 246
Killruaidh1847EA 237,245
~Buanan Cylle-ruayd, i.e. indeficiens>1847EA 246
~Cill ruaidh1847EA 60
~Cill-ruadh (4M) ""red church""1913Joyce iii 430
~Cill Ruaidh ""church of the red land""1999Dict. Ulst. PN 89
Chell-ruaid412EA 60
[o] ~Chill-Ruaid830cEA 246
~[on] chill ruaid [sin]830cEA 246
Belfast Lower
Parish in 1851
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