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Stormont, County Down


Apparently E. Storm Mount (a house and estate name)


The name Stormont appears to be a shortened form of E. Storm Mount. It was first used c. 1830 as the name of the house and estate of Rev. John Cleland who in 1808 had married Esther, daughter of the previous owner Samuel Jackson, the original name of the estate being Mount Pleasant. In 1859 the house was replaced by Stormont Castle. Adjacent to this, the construction of Parliament Buildings, seat of the parliament of Northern Ireland and in recent times of the Northern Ireland Assembly, was commenced in 1924. Stormont is also the name of a district in Perthshire in Scotland and it has been suggested that the Scottish name was borrowed by John Cleland as the name of his house. It had been thought that the name Stormont in Scotland is derived from Sc. G. Stair Monadh meaning ‘stepping stones moor’ (Watson 1926: 120). More recently the name has been interpreted as Star Monadh ‘place for crossing the mountain’ where star is a form of the preposition tar ‘over’ (with prosthetic s-) (Taylor 2002: 44-7). There is a place named Stormount in the townland of Turmoyra in the parish of Seagoe, Co. Armagh, and another so named in the townland of Lisnatrunk in the parish of Lambeg, Co. Down. There is also a place named Stormont (pronounced ‘Starmount’) in the parish of Stradbally in Co. Limerick.


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Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference

Storm Mount, the residence of Samuel Cleland <Cleeland> Esquire, is situated in the townland of Ballymiscaw.  It is a large, plain house with very little planting about it.

1834OSM vii 66

? Star Monadh "" place for crossing the mountain"

1999Cel. Ulst. Tds 11

Sc.G. Stoirmhonadh ""stepping-stone moor""

1999Dict. Ulst. PN 136

cf. Stormount Street / Place / Crescent [in the townland of Ballymacarret, off Albertbridge Road]

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Castlereagh Lower
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