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Ballycollin, County Antrim


perhaps Ir. Baile Chollann ‘townland of the height/high ground’


Collin Mountain is situated in the south of the parish and likely shares the same origin as the townland name. The element collann ‘height/high ground’ is proposed as the origin of Collin Mountain, as well as another Collin Mountain in the parish of Skerry (McKay 1999, 45). Following McKay, the townland name could be Baile Chollann ‘townland of the height/high ground’

Collon is both a townland and parish name in Co. Louth. The origin of this name is possibly cuilleann ‘a slope’ ( Following this, another possible origin for Ballycollin might be Baile Cuileann ‘townland of the slope’.

There are two other Irish townlands named Ballycollin, both of which are in Co. Offaly. The first, in the civil parish of Geashill is said to derive from a family name Baile Mhic Coillín ‘Mac Coillín’s townland ( second Ballycollin is in Offaly, in the civil parish of Eglish, and derives from Baile an Cholláin ‘townland of the hazelnut’. Collán ‘place of hazels’ is also the origin of Cullane in Co. Limerick, and Cullaun in Co. Tipperary ( and might be the origin here in the form Baile Colláin ‘townland of the place of hazels’.


Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference

Baile Ui Coilein ""Collin''s town""

1832cJ O'D (OSNB) A25

Baile-Ui-Coileain ""O''Collins'' or Collins''s town""

1913Joyce iii 77

Baile Chollann

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