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Clondermot Parish, County Derry




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Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
~do Chloinn Diarmada1087AFM ii 928
~Cloinde Diarmatta, tigherna1090AFM ii 938
~Cloinni Diarmata, muire1090AU (Mac Airt) 524
~do Cloinn Diarmadae1099AFM ii 962
~Cloinne Diarmada, taoiseach1132AFM ii 1040
~do Cloinn Diarmada1135AFM ii 1050
~Clainni-Diarmata, toisech1177AU ii 188
~Clainni-Diarmata, toisech1177AU ii 184-186
~Clann-Diarmata1177AU ii 188
~do Clainn-Diarmata1177AU ii 188
~do Clainn-Diarmata uile1179AU 194
~Cloinne Diarmuda, taoisech1184Mart. Don. xxxii
~Clainni-Diarmata, ardtoisech1197AU 228
~Clann-Diarmata1201AU ii 236
~ar Clainn-Diarmata1201AU ii 236
~cloinne diarmata, ticcerna1205AFM iii 146
~hi ccloinn diarmata1206AFM iii 150
~cloinne diarmata, toiseach1215AFM iii 186
~Clainni-Diarmata, toisech1216AU ii 260
(?)Clandermod1397Colton Vis. 29b, Ulst.Inq.
Clandermod1591McSkim. Carrick.(1839) 29
Clandermod (Clann Diarmada)1591Colton Vis. 129G
Clondermont1609cBp Montgomery Sur. (SAM 17) 50
Clandermott1618CPR Jas I 379ab
Clonderniot1621CPR Jas I 510b
Clondermot1622Phillips MSS (Maps) 150
""35mt""1654DS Par. Map (Munn) 91
Clandermont1654Civ. Surv. iii 220
Clandermont1654Civ. Surv. iii 223-227,230
Clandermont1655cCiv. Surv. x §69
Clandermont1659cCensus 1659 124,125
Clandermote1661Bishop. Der. i 328
Clandermoyt1663HMR (Ò Doibhlin 2) 45
Clandermot1665Bishop. Der. i 395
clondermot1665Bishop. Der. i 396
Clondermont1666Bishop. Der. i 404
Clandermot1668Bishop. Der. i 414
Clendermott1669Bishop. Der. i 424
Clandermot1671Bishop. Der. ii 5 $211
Clandermott1671Bishop. Der. ii 5 $211
Clandermount1672cHib. Del. Co.Londondery
Clandermott1685Bishop. Der. ii 95 $273
Glandermott1685Bishop. Der. ii 100 $273
Clondermot1814Sampson (Munn) 91
~Clann Diarmada ""Dermot''s clan or tribe""1830J O'D (OSNB) 93 C1
Clandermod1839?McSkim. Carrick.(1839) 129
~Clan-Diarmata1910?Onom. Goed. (Munn) 87,240
~Baile-seascaich or Baile-seascaigh ""the townland 1913Joyce iii 2
~should be Clandermot: Clann Diarmada, ""Dermot''s c1913Joyce iii 214
~Clann-Diarmada1925Joyce (Munn) 87,3.214
~Clann-Diarmata1925Munn's Notes 91
~Clann-diarmata1925Munn's Notes 87
Ballydoyle, Baile Dhubhghaill, (13 townlands >)2001Bryson, Streets of Derry 26
Ballygavlahan, Baile Dhoibhleacháin, (11townlands>2001Bryson, Streets of Derry 27
Clondermott, Clann Diarmada, Diarmaid''s People2001Bryson, Streets of Derry 52
Drumcurran, Druim Chonáin, Conan''s Ridge2001Bryson, Streets of Derry 65
Tullymore, An Tulach Mhór ""the Big Hill""2001Bryson, Streets of Derry 180
Parish in 1851
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