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Drumary, County Fermanagh


Of uncertain origin


For this name, Joyce provides Droim Aoire ‘hilltop of the shepherd’.We might also consider Druim Airidhe ‘ridge of the watchman’, which is offered in the JOD form assigned to another Drumary, in the parish of Devenish. Another possibility is the element airí which can mean ‘milking-place’, ‘herd (of cows)’ or ‘ground manured in previous year; ground from which potatoes have been cropped’. This element appears anglicised in a similar way in Tamhnaigh Airí (Tinary) in nearby Co. Monaghan ( Adopting this as the qualifying element, the original form might then be Droim Áirí ‘hilltop of the milking place’.

However, the most reliable source among the evidence provided is the OSNB informed proposal Droim Airimh ‘ridge of the ploughman’, which we is the most probably original form of the name, basing solely on the contemporary form.

We should, however consider the oldest forms Dromarroe (1616) and Drummera (1859) which might suggest Droim a’ Ruaidh ‘ridge of the red land or red-haired men’. Note that there is a Tiraroe (origin to be confirmed) in the parish of Kinawley, also in Fermanagh.


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Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Dromarroe1616CPR Jas I 309a
Drummera1659Census 1659 116
D:ara (Magheryboy)1672cHib. Del. Fermanagh
(?)Dromarry1747Reg. Free. Fer. 22
(?)Drumarry1747Reg. Free. Fer. 1
(?)Drumarry1747Reg. Free. Fer. 31
(?)Dromarry1751Reg. Free. Fer. 35
(?)Dromarry1767Reg. Free. Fer. 22
(?)Drumarry1767Reg. Free. Fer. 34,36
Drumaara1817GJM M'stephana (OSNB) Magheraboy 54 B
~Druim Aireadh ""hill of the ploughman""1834cOSNB Inf. 54 B161
""hill-ridge of the shepherd""1875Joyce ii 115
Parish in 1851
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