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Ballynasaggart, County Tyrone


Ir. Baile na Sagart ‘townland of the priests’


The qualifying element in this townland name is sagart ‘priest’ which typically appears in anglicised forms with -gg- such as in Ballintaggart in Co. Down and Ballytaggart in Co. Antrim, both of which derive from Baile an tSagairt  ‘townland of the priest’. In the current townland name, we can be sure that the qualifying element is plural, following the appearance of the definite article in the form na, and the absence of t- on sagart which appears in the singular genitive. There are eleven townlands named Ballintaggart, all of which derive their names from Baile an tSagairt ‘townland of the priest’ ( and there is a range of mountains named Derrynasaggart Mountains on the Cork/Kerry border (Cnoic Dhoire na Sagart GÉ ,61, i.e. ‘hills of the oak wood of the priests’). In the case of Ballytaggart townland, the reference to ‘priest’ probably relates in some way to the late medieval Franciscan Friary in the townland (NISMR).



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Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
(?)B:Segart1595Mercator's Ire.
Balenesegert1595Mercator's Ulst.
Ballinsaggirt1609Inqs Tullaghoge (Ó Doibhlin) 169
The ruins of a house of friars of Ballinesaggirt n1610CPR Jas I 376b
(?)Ballenasagert1615CPR Jas I 299b
(?)Ballenecarr1615CPR Jas I 299b
Ballinesagirt1618CPR Jas I 377a
Ballenesagart1655cCiv. Surv. pp.312,325
Bellinesagert1666HMR Tyr. (2) 224
Church of Ballanasagart1753Reg. Deeds abstracts vol.ii $133
Balinasaggart1826Grand Jury Warrant (OSNB) 129:No.25
Balinasagart1827Grand Jury Warrant (OSNB) 129:No.25
Ballinasagart1827Grand Jury Warrant (OSNB) 129:No.25
Ballinasaggart1827Grand Jury Warrant (OSNB) 129:No.25
Ballynasaggert1830cBnd. Sur. (OSNB) 129:No.25
~Baile na Sagart - Town of the Priests1833cJ O'D (OSNB) 129:No.25
Ballynasagart (Rev J Groves map)1834cAncient Map (OSNB) 129:No.25
Ballynasaggart (x 2, Manor - Propr J.C. Moutray)1834cOSNB: gen. sources 129:No.25
Balnasaggart (Dale agt to Moutray)1834cAgent of Estate (OSNB) 129:No.25
Ballynasagart1835OSM xx 51
Ballynasaggart1835OSM xx 48
Ballinasaggart, par. of Errigal Keerogue or [heads1835cOSM xx 56
Ballynasaggart ()1835cOSM xx 56
~Baile na Sagart1905Post-Sheanchas
~Ballysaggart - Ballysagairt Priest''s town; town o1920cTNCT 13
Errigal Keerogue
Parish in 1851
Errigal Keerogue
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