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Kilskeery Glebe, County Tyrone


Ir. Cill Scíre ‘(Saint) Scíre's church'


Kilskeery as a parish name is obviously very old, but as a townland name it is, according to O'Daly, relatively recent. He believes that the older name was Aghanalarg which marks the pre-plantation church of Kilskeery on Hib. Del. And the Esch. Co. Map. Aghanalarg he would derive from Ath na Learg (Ford of the Slopes or Tracks) and this refers to the ford where Féilim O Néill routed the Covenanters in 1641 (O'Daly's Kilskeery 92 & O'Daly 1955: 109). For the ancient church of Kilskeery see Mon. Hib. iii. 

The Irish form in Onom. Goed, was extracted from Mac Fir Bhisigh's Genealogies.

The Brade, now obsolete, was one of the proportions into which the Precinct of Omagh was divided in the Plantation. It included part of Dromore and the entire parish of Kilskeery. The name comes from brághaid, literally ‘neck’, but often ‘applied to a gorge or deeply-cut glen’ of which ‘the river and valley of Kilskeery form a very characteristic example’ (O'Daly's Kilskeery 92). 


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cf. Kilskeery Par. 70578

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Persun Cylle Sgire//is fairsind urlair a thaidhe1536AU iii 612 verse
bithcair is persun 7 oirrcinneach Cille Sgyre1536AU iii 612
teampoll Cille Sgire do losgadh1537AU iii 616
~Teampoll Cille Sgire do losgadh1537AU iii 616
Killskire1609Bull Paul V to O'Neill 40
Kilskerry1609Esch. Co. Map 17 Omey
R. de Kilskerry1617-First Fruits 12
~(?)Cill Scire i Feraibh Manach1630cMart. Don. Mar 26 p86
~Cill Scire i Feraibh Manach in Ulltaibh1630cMart. Don. 86
Kilskirry, riv. of1655cCiv. Surv. 330 & 344
Kilskerry Parish1657cHib. Reg. 26
Kilskeary Parish1666HMR (Ò Gallachair 2) 387
Killskeery1777Taylor & Skinner 254
Killskery1792Beaufort's Mem. Map 46
Kilskeery (Par. in bar. Omagh)1802Stat. Sur. Tyr. (McEvoy) 4
Kilskerry1833Grand Jury Warrant (OSNB)
Killskeery (Revd G Porter)1835cClergyman (OSNB)
Killskerry1835cEccles. Reg. (OSNB)
Kilskeery1835cOSM v 113
Kilskeery Glebe,ch1835cOSM v 114
Kilskeery Glebe,sch 18151835cOSM v 115
Kilskeery riv1835cOSM v 115
~Cill Scíre ""St. Schiria''s Church""1835cJ O'D (OSNB)
~Cill Scire: St. Schirin''s Wood1920cTNCT 10
~Cill Scíre1969AGBP 138
~Cill Scíre1988Éire Thuaidh
~Cill Scíre1989GÉ 240
Cill Scíre ""Scíre''s church""1996NIPNP posters Omagh
~Cill Scíre ""Scíre''s church""1999Dict. Ulst. PN 90
Cill Scíre ""(Saint) Scíre''s church""2002Fer. Bilingual Map PMcK
~Atá fós Cell Scire i bFeraibh Manach i n-UlltaibhFirOnom. Goed. 211
Omagh East
Parish in 1851
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